Charity Event 9/21-22 at Family Arena

August 8, 2013

2013 St. Louis Region Solo Charity Event and Raffle

to be Held on September 21-22 at the Family Arena


As many of you already know, 5-time SCCA National Solo Champion and former St. Louis Region R.E. Jan Rick is back fighting cancer, this time multiple myeloma. To help find a cure, her son Dave Whitworth and his wife Beth are participating in the Pedal the Cause for the Siteman Cancer Center event on October 6th. If you’d like to help support their fundraising, visit (Team ASG-SPS) at


St. Louis Region members Chris Hammond and his wife Natalie are also participating in the event. Their donation link is: (Team Christner) at


The St. Louis Solo Program is holding a charity event to collect donations for Pedal the Cause on Sept. 21-22 (Solo event #9 & #10) at the Family Arena.


100% of the money raised will stay in St. Louis to fund cancer research at The Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. For more information on the Pedal the Cause event, visit




Each donation will be awarded one (1) raffle ticket per $1. The winner of the raffle will receive a new helmet, donated by Solo Performance Specialties. Raffle tickets will be available all day Saturday and Sunday. You do not have to be present to win, name/phone# will be written on each raffle ticket.


Dave Whitworth stated “My mom, Jan Rick, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in June 2013 and we plan on riding to help raise funds to find a cure for this disease and other cancers. I am joining the fight against cancer by participating in the fourth-annual Pedal the Cause bike challenge. Pedal the Cause has the mission to provide funding for cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and St. Louis Children’s Hospital through their annual cycling challenge in hopes that the research funded by their event will ultimately lead to a cure for cancer. I plan to ride 15 miles on October 6th and I hope you will join me in this grass-roots effort to advance research and find a cure.”


If you are interested in riding, please contact Dave Whitworth at If biking isn’t your thing, you can still donate to the cause by attending the Solo event on September 21-22, or going to either of the team links above.


“The SCCA community of people from St. Louis and all over the country have been so supportive.” Said Jan, “Solo, road racers, rallycrossers, and everyone have been unbelievable. The friendships made over cars have gone so much farther. The SCCA community is such a blessed thing.” Our thoughts are with Jan, her family, and friends…..keep up the fight!


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