REX Coupon for Oct 19 Club Race

October 8, 2013

In an effort to increase awareness of the new REX – Racing EXperience program, the St. Louis SCCA is offering a $100 discount coupon to any race car entered in the Club Race or Vintage Race event that also enters the REX event. [With coupon the REX entry is $75 instead of the normal $175 fee. The REX driver can be the same driver as the first entry or a second driver.]

REX is a racing experience for low to mid horsepower, non-formula race cars. Typical REX allowable race cars are Spec Miata, ITA/B/C/D, FProd, HProd, GTLite or any other production based race car that runs lap times 1:15 or slower at Gateway. [Formula cars and V8 race cars are prohibited for safety.]

REX is a place for drivers WITHOUT a racing license to run on track in a controlled race experience. Your friends, crew, family or maybe another driver can experience your race car with little risk and with little barriers to entry. Safety is utmost concern in REX. Spins, wheels off track and aggressive driving are specifically prohibited.

With the open, inclusive nature of the REX program, a race car that has not been run for a few years can participate, as long as it is safe. The seat belts do not need to be up to GCR date standards and the vehicle does not need to have an annual tech. Just safe. In fact, the race car does not need to have a logbook – helpful if you can’t find it after 4-5 yrs in the garage.

Do I need a physical to participate in REX? No. Just sign a form stating that you are in good physical health with no know medical issues that will affect your ability to drive. It’s that simple.

More information or to register:

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