Great Pumpkin Challenge Road Rally Official Results

November 23, 2015

Congratulations to today’s Great Pumpkin Challenge podium finishers. Left to right, second place Team Albin (Andrea and Chris Albin), winners Team vonHatten (Tom and Rose VonHatten), and third place Team Lain (Melissa and Charlene Lain). Thanks to Rallymaster Jim Heine and volunteers Rose Nester and Ron Ferris for a fun and scenic event. Note: All three podium finishing teams were comprised of a parent/driver and child/navigator and finished in a tie…the determining factor were the tie-breaking questions. Their trophies were delectable pumpkin pies.

2015 Great Pumpkin Challenge podium finishers

Complete and official results from the Great Pumpkin Challenge:

1 Tom vonHatten/Rose vonHatten (Ford), 26*
2 Chris Albin/Andrea Albin (GMC), 26*
3 Charlene Lain/Melissa Schicker (Honda), 26*
4 Joshua King/Erin King (Subaru), 25*
5 Dan Hamel/Kerri Lott (GMC), 25*
6 Nick Book/Jesse Suess (MinI), 24+
6 Byron Prokopf/Michelle Prokopf (Nissan), 24+
7 Bonnie Udell/Chuck Udell (Cadillac), 23
8 Mike O’Connell/Bob Stratham (Honda), 22
9 Justin Lautz/Stephanie Meyer (Honda), 20
10 David Tung/Aracely Tung (Subaru), 18*
11 Linda Layton/Chris Layton (Mazda), 18*
12 Joe Missel/Julie Missel (Chevrolet), 16

* Position decided by Thanksgiving Trivia tie-breaker questions.

+ Position tied even after the application of the tie-breaker questions.

Again, thank you for participating.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Results will be mailed to all the competitors and more pictures will be posted soon.

Here’s a couple of pictures from Mark Morgan of the St. Louis Sports Car Council, all rights reserved.  Registration where Mother Nature provided a sunny, but brisk day.  Participants Nick Book and Jesse Suess of the St. Louis Mini Club.

2015 Great Pumpkin Challenge registration Mark Morgan photo     2015 Great Pumpkin Challenge Nick Book Jesse Suess StL Mini Club Mark Morgan photo

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