Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2008

Facilitator: Curt Faigle, RE; Diane Prokopf, Asst RE; Secretary; Jeff Leavell, Treasurer; Attendees: Member-At-Large: Carol Cohn, Nadeem Bari, Lee Hanson and Jeff Seelig. Absent: Sheila Burkett, Arshad Mohabbat.

Curt Faigle opened the meeting at 6:45 p.m. at Syberg’s.

Treasurer’s Report Jeff provided an overview of the financials and each programs budget to actual.

Program Committee Reports

Solo: I just pulled our financial information yesterday and it looks like we might be slightly under budget on income. I think we still owe some money to the region but also may still have funds due in from our last event. Our attendance was way down for the last two events in August, until then we were very close to budget. Even with that we have two remaining events in October that could easily bring us right back on budget. We have held our expenses as tight as we can but the need to cancel one event due to unsafe weather conditions is what threw us off since we still had to pay for the lot rental.

In other news we have begun working on getting our worker chiefs lined out for 2009 and have been trying to recruit new SAC members. We have one huge hole in our work team in that out T&S Chief will not be filling the job next year. We will be posting that job opening on our Solo site in the next day or so. We will begin researching which site we want to use for online registration for next year within the next week or so.
Bill Schnardthorst

Road Racing: We are hoping to do three events for ‘09, and beg off on the school for one more year. We were planning on a double school, but MVRG/KVRG/AVRG is doing one at MAM in April, so it seemed risky to hold one ourselves. The consensus of the committee was that it was better to hold another March National and avoid Mother’s day. Financially it makes the most sense, makes it harder to place a driver’s school if we are forced to put one on.

So the tentative schedule is R/N/IT Tour March 28-29, R/N/IT Tour August 1-2, and RR October 31-November 1st. I don’t yet know if we will get the Mid Am bonus race again or not. Everyone else in the
division wants it to move (we’ve had it two years running and that’s not fair), but no one actually wants to hold it.

Track costs are going up again. Particularly concerning is that GIR wants to start charging $250 to rent the media center (where we have dinner and hospitality).

Otherwise we are transitioning okay. We still have some key positions to fill for next year. Of particular concern are Food and Tech chiefs. We also need MiDiv worker/retention chief and sound chiefs.
Steven Burkett

PDX: I have no numbers, but I would think we are breaking even.

The PDX has three events left for the year. September 24th is a Wednesday session, open to all. On October 14th we have a PDX–Plus, this is only for Instructors, Advance students, and those that have an SCCA competition license. And the last event is a full day event on October 19th.

To register for any of these events, go to

Chuck Deprow

Rallycross: Event #2 went pretty good. Weather was perfect; grass was not mowed, and had a decent turnout of 17 entries. Results and photos have been posted to the website.
Our 3rd event will again be at Gateway and is a divisional. We expect a good turnout and that should help with the budget (Mark can fill you in if he has the numbers). I think we are going to try to do something new and setup a practice session and have some snacks/drinks on Saturday night before the event on Sunday. Hopefully this will give people an opportunity to setup their car for the surface type at Gateway and give out of town people something to do the night before. We are still deciding. We’ll make the plans final soon and post a message on the website. The divisional will be similar to last year, with 2 courses, having 3 runs on each course.

We seem to be ok for budget.

John Huebbe

New Business:

Bylaws discussion: Our Bylaws do state “The Board of Directors may propose” “that the By-laws be altered, amended, repealed or added to, by the affirmative vote of the members at an annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose,”

Read as we cannot change them without bringing it to a vote at a general meeting. This is why they haven’t been changed in the past 6 years I’ve been on the Board. I think it does need to be done, but is more complex than we first estimated.

Discussed monthly postcards and impressed with new “formatting” of online version.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

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