Tech-O-Rama Was GREAT

March 21, 2010

The Tech-o-Rama event held at Jim Lych Hummer was certainly one that will be very hard to top as the 2010 Event of the Year for the St. Louis Region. Lots of smiles, lots of people and lots of fun. A huge thanks to Chairman, Dave Jones and his great Co Chair Julie Briggen! Jim Lynch is a star for offering the use of his beautiful facilty.

There were several great supporters for this event, especially Terry Gilvin, Road Race Product Manager for Hoosier who came over and gave great info on Hoosier Tires and raffled off  a set of Hoosier Tires, and Andy Lin, Director of Motorsports R&D at Cobalt Friction Technologies, who donated TEN sets of brakes, along with 50% off coupons for all who attended.

When you make your tire and brake purchases, please consider these two outstanding supporters of our event and sport, along with all the sponsors and promoters of Tech-O-Rama.”

If you missed it, you missed a really good time.

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