Board of Directors January 2010

April 13, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

November Board of Director’s Meeting

January 11th, 2009

Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Diane Prokopf, Jan Rick, Lynn Wilson, Jose Hernandez, Steve Slotten, Susan Anderson, Jeff Leavell, Dana Hullinger

 Directors absent: Lee Hanson 

 Guest: Beth Whitworth

 These minutes may not be in chronological order.

 Old Business:

 Jose move to approve the December minutes as amended. Dana seconded.  Passed.

 Discussion of BoD responsibilities

 Treasurer’s Report:

 Jeff Leavell presented the fiscal Year to Date financial reports. 

 Board members discussed bonding of the Region’s bank accounts.

 Temporary membership fees were discussed.  Should the Region or the programs pay the $5 per membership to the National office?

 The amount of the program fees was discussed.  Jan made a motion to raise the program fee to 6% of all entry fee income for 2010 and that programs pay the temporary membership fee.  Jose seconded the motion.  Passed

 The board feels that the Region needs to do more activities benefitting the community as required by our tax exempt 501(c)4 status.  Would like to hold some Tirerack Street Survival events.

 The board discussed whether all programs should have their own checking accounts, or whether there should be just one Region account,

 Jeff was tasked with developing a statement of work with regard to possibly hiring an accounting firm to pay our bills.

 Program budgets are due to the Board by February 1st.

 Program Reports:

 Solo – 2009 budget slightly in the black.  Presented tentative dates for 2010.

 Club Racing – Received pricing from GIR and are working on 2010 budget.  First race March 28 and 29.  It will be the first National race in MiDiv, CenDiv and GLDiv due the cancellation of the race at Memphis.  The program needs new EZ Up canopies for the corner workers at GIR. 

 Performance Rally – Report on 100 Acre Wood.

 Rally-XNo report.  

Road Rally – No report.

 PDX– Tentative dates for 5 Wednesday afternoon PDX’s and 2 Saturday events.  There are plans for a Club Trials event to be held the Friday morning of the double school, double regional race.

 Other Business:

 Membership Committee Report – None.

 Drifting  Drifting group has formed a committee and is doing research on what other regions are doing with regards to rules, safety, etc.

 Conventions– Jan, Jose and Lynn will attend.  Per the December meeting, each of them will be reimbursed one third of the cost of sending the RE to last year’s convention.

 Information on the MiDiv convention will be forthcoming.

 Banquet– Carla Russo sent an update on the banquet.  127 are registered at this time.  The awards committee had many good nominations to discuss and recipients have been selected.

 Website- Each program is responsible for their own website.  There is a need to improve the calendar on the Region website.

 Social Events– There was discussion about the monthly socials at Spazio’s concerning the format.  Dana moved to budget $50 to buy snacks for the first social.  Jeff seconded.  Passed.

 Email Blasts-  Jan will produce monthly email blasts.  These will be called Wheelspin and will be the official Region newsletter.

 New Business:

 Joint Tech Day– Dave Jones has proposed to have tech day for all programs at Jim Lynch Hummer in March.  There would be snacks, discussions/seminars and various tech issues and each program would perform tech on their cars.  Also, the dynamometer would be available.  Jan made a motion to forward with this and Susan seconded.  Passed

Charity donation– Dana made a motion to make a donation to the SCCA Foundation in the name of James Edey.  Susan seconded.  Passed.

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