Solo Nationals Net 3 trophies for STL

September 14, 2010

Andy Hohl in STR stood on the podium and accepted his 1st ever National Trophy – he took home a 9th place in STR.  Well Deserved to a Great driver.

Dave Montgmery recieved an 8th place trophy in ST and Matt Grainger recieved a 5th in DS.

25 St. Louis Region members attended the Solo Nationals

1. Dave Whitworth EM

2. Beth Withworth EML

3. Carla Russo SSL

4. Jan Rick SSL

5. Dave Montgomery STS

6. John Powell STU

7. Lynn Wilson FM

8. Craig Straub DM

9. Susan Anderson DML

10. Sam Platt EM

11. Martha Lou Haddon EPL

12. Nick Jackson ES

13. Matt Grainger DS

14. Andy Hohl STR

15. Nick Jackson STR

16. Mike Kenney  STU

17. Dave Moelenbeck CS

18. Tom S.  STU

19. Tyler B. EP

20. J. Mallrich ESP

21. Scott Whittle EP

22. Robert Zander CS

23. Rick Ruth CP

24. Joyce Ruth CPL

25. Aimee Ruth CPL

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