1st Street Survival Event

November 1, 2010

A GREAT Event. Students and Parents were totally thrilled and there were LOTS of smiles. The region owes a great round of applause for Event Chairman (and TEAM MAKER) Kevin Brown, Chief Instructor, Rich Wise. Registrar, Carla Russo, The get it done person, Jose Hernandez. Course & Safety help, Chuck DeProw, Susan Anderson, Lynn Wilson, Jan Rick . And our wonderful all around trainer AND TV Driver, Alex Furla. Also, to Leigha Wise, the always worker and Anne Beers for support and willingness to do anything needed. April Schnardthorst who help move the volunteers so well. All the instructors that gave 115%.

Thanks again to Tom Allen, John Hoffner and the entire STL BMW CCA club for the mentoring they provided to us to make this event such a HUGE Success!

And to the parents of these amazing teens, who brought them and watched as each and everyone of them became more confident as they aquired skills that will keep them safer as they drive.

The St. Louis Region should be very proud of their first event!


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