2011 Feb. BoD Minutes

May 15, 2012

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
February Board of Director’s Meeting
February 14th, 2011
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Steven Burkett- Regional Executive
Dave Jones- Assistant Regional Executive
Lynn Wilson- Secretary
Lon Friesenborg- Treasurer
Chuck Deprow
Steve Slotten
Bill Schnardthorst

Directors absent:

Dana Hullinger
Susan Anderson


Bryon Prokopf

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Program Reports:

Solo –The SAC and Chiefs will meet at Family Arena on February 27th to work out event procedures. A Solo Town Hall will be held at Spazio’s on March 1st. The first event will be April 3rd.

Several members of the Board expressed concern that the Solo program will be giving certificates instead of trophies at our events. These members suggested that the Region provide a subsidy of $1500 to the Solo program for event trophies. This will be discussed with the SAC.

Club Racing – With the sale of Memphis Motorsports Park, the Mid South Region has been in contact with our Club Racing committee about partnering on holding events at Memphis in 2012. See the National Convention Report for other news.

Performance Rally – Entries for 2011 are ahead of budget at this time. More entries are expected. Visits to the 100 AW website are way ahead of last year.

Rally-X – Steve reported that the program would like to hold at least four events in 2011 and would also like to have a Divisional Rally-X if a suitable venue can be found. Curt Faigle previously sent a budget projecting a $200 gain for the year.
Road Rally –Tentatively, six regional rallies have been scheduled. These will be fun type rallies. One National Rally has been scheduled. The Road Rally program and the BoD will work together to promote these rallies and improve attendance.
PDX– The event proposed by Bob Mondschein at Family Arena for our PDX and Club Racing drivers has been referred to program chair Jose Hernandez for coordination. Jose has been in contact with the National office to see if this event can be a Solo Trials. See the National Convention Report for more news.
Street Survival- There will be three Street Survival Schools in 2011 at Family Arena. The BMW Club will hold two in June and October and the Region will have one in August.

Old Business:

November Minutes:

Motion: Friesenborg/Slotten Approve January minutes. Approved: Unanimous

Treasurer’s Report:

Lon presented to financial reports for the year to date. The Region’s finances remain in good shape. Lon has received a bid to do our taxes for $600. This is cheaper than what we have been paying. More bids will be solicited.

R. E. Report- See National Convention Report.

Membership Report – Steve reported the Region currently has 575 members. Membership retention was strongly emphasized at the National Convention. The Board discussed contacting members whose memberships have lapsed about renewing.

Memorials- The $100 per annum donation to the SCCA Foundation was part of the pledge made by the Region at the National Convention.

New Business:

2011 Budget- All budgets were amended as needed to reflect the change of the Region fee from 6% to 4%.

Region Budget-

Motion: Schnardhorst/Wilson Approve Region budget. Approved: Unanimous

Rallycross Budget-

Motion: Friesenborg/Schnardhorst Approve Rallycross budget. Approved: Unanimous

Road Rally Budget-

Motion: Wilson/Deprow Approve Road Rally budget. Approved: Unanimous

Performance Rally Budget-

Motion: Friesenborg/Wilson Approve Performance Rally budget. Approved: Unanimous

Solo Budget- Approval of the Solo budget was deferred until the Evolution School portion of the Solo budget is updated.

National Convention Report:

Steven Burkett, Chuck Deprow and Lynn Wilson attended the convention and contributed to this report.

The Region won two awards. St. Louis received the Tom Burke award for region growth among large regions, for our exceptional 8% growth. Along with this award came a check for $880 and a 15% reduction in sanction fees for 2011. We also received the Regional Achievement Award in recognition of our leadership in customer service, growth, and member retention.

Customer service was the main theme of this year’s convention. They are using customer service guru Bob Farrell’s Give ‘em the Pickle program. Carla Russo presented a portion of the program as she did last year. Rick Myers, SCCA Region Development Manager, visited one our PDX’s and was so impressed with our customer service that he convinced the National staff to create the “Pickle Award”. Carla, Chuck Deprow, Jan Rick, Jose Hernandez and Lynn Wilson received Pickle Award trophies although all of the PDX committee, officials and instructors deserve a trophy also.

Mark Walker, the RE of Nebraska Region, approached Steven about jointly holding a race at MAN, probably a double National. Dan Harrington, RE of Des Moines Valley Region, approached Steven about jointly holding a race at MAM, probably a Regional/Rational.

Dan Harrington also approached Chuck and Jose about holding a “PDX in a box” at a location near Des Moines. DMVR wishes to start a PDX program and feels we are the best people to show them how to do it.

Motion: Deprow/Jones to adjourn. Approved; Unanimous

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