2011 May BoD Minutes

May 15, 2012

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
May Board of Director’s Meeting
May 9th, 2011
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Steven Burkett- Regional Executive
Lynn Wilson- Secretary
Lon Friesenborg- Treasurer
Chuck Deprow
Steve Slotten
Bill Schnardthorst
Jan Rick

Directors absent:

Dave Jones- Assistant Regional Executive
Susan Anderson


Brian Schwantner
Jose Hernandez

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Program Reports:

Solo –Solo reports that there will be some unforeseen expenses not reflected in the budget. The Program needs to have the Family Arena lot swept on July 1st before the Evolution School and Divisional. The cost is $620. Also we need to hire someone to watch the lot overnight during the Divisional. More port-a-potties are needed. Two won’t be enough. FAmily Arena is rebating $1100 due to the trash on the lot from the flea market the day before the May 8th event. The sound meter is not working and will be sent for repair. 126 entrants at the April 8th Solo and 106 at the May 8th Solo.

Motion: Rick/Wilson BoD suppots Solo spending money for the lot sweeping, port-a-potties and security. Approved: Unanimous

Club Racing – The Club Racing committee is continuing to work on the proposed joint race with Des Moines Valley Region will be a Regional/National.

Performance Rally – Information on the change in banks will be passed to Margarite DeMotte.

Rally-X – Rally-X needs start up funds for lot rental and port-a-potties. Scheduled events are June 19th at Ouchita, August 7th at St. Joe, and October in Perryville.
Road Rally –No change.
PDX– No change.
Street Survival- No change

Old Business:

April Minutes:

Redact financial numbers from the April minutes.

Motion: Friesenborg/Rick Approve March minutes as amended. Approved: Unanimous

Treasurer’s Report:

There is an apparent $400 discrepancy in the Performance Rally account. Lon feels that too many people have access to the Quickbooks accounts and that the Quickbook accounts need to be merged. Also, he is not on any of the accounts and as Treasurer should be on all of them.

Motion: Deprow/Schnardthorst The BoD directs the Treasurer and the Program chairs to consolidate accounts at one bank. Approved: Unanimous

A. E. Report- Steven presented information of specific program financial results. Some of the PDX program’s losses were due to Street Survival and Drifting program losses.

The reason for the decline in cash in the main account is due to spending a lot of money when times were better. One example was the professionally published Wheelspin.

Goals Steen sees for the BoD. We need to stop attrition before we think about growing. How can we increase the value of membership in the Region? We need a presence on Facebook. We need a publicity committee. How do we integrate programs? We need a PR person at each event to greet and talk to each new person. WE need to bring in club racers as Street Survival instructors.

Membership Report – No report this month.

Old Business:

Tech-o-rama 2011- There will be new vendors and sponsors. And a new charity for the 50-50 drawing.

New Business:

Motion: The BoD will spend $25 to digitize the Region logo with SCCA Gear. Approved. Abstained: Rick.

Motion: Deprow/Friesenborg to adjourn. Approved; Unanimous

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