2011 Oct. BoD Minutes

May 15, 2012

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
Board of Director’s Meeting
October 10th, 2011
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Steven Burkett- Regional Executive
Lon Friesenborg- Treasurer
Lynn Wilson- Secretary
Steve Slotten
Chuck Deprow
Bill Schnardthorst
Jan Rick

Directors absent:

Dave Jones- Assistant Regional Executive
Susan Anderson


Jose Hernandez
Tom Von Hatten
Cesare Venegoni
Bryon Prokopf
Dave Scharnardthorst
Matt Osmoe

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Program Reports:

Solo –The Solo program radios need to be replaced. Many of the current radios have failed or are in poo condition. The Club Racing radios will need to be returned. The program wants to purchase 18 new Motorola radios, block chargers and software for $3535.98. Since this is a capital expenditure the BoD needs to approve it.

Motion: Rick/Wilson To approve the expenditure of $3535.98 by the Solo Program to buy 18 new Motorola radios, block chargers and software. Approved, unanimous.

Club Racing – With the reopening of Gateway, the Bryon reports that the Region is working with Midiv on scheduling races in 2012. There may be two Regional/National weekends.

Performance Rally –The new group is up and running. They are working on insurance. The new bylaws have been written. The new rally at Perryville at the end of October will be their first event. 18 to 20 entries are expected. Still working on getting the bank accounts separated but that will be done before the Perryville rally.

Rally-X – Looking to have an event at Perryville the Sunday after the Rally.
Road Rally –No report.
PDX– The program is looking forward to several events in 2012.
Street Survival- The Region will assist the BMW club with a Street Survival school this month.

September Minutes: Will be approved by email.

Treasurer’s Report:

Lon discussed the financial statements. Performance Rally is responsible for most of our profit. Therefore, the Region is really at break-even with the separation for the Rally program. The Solo books and the Region books are very close. The bonding will be paid in November. Lon will look into unexpected credit card fees.

R. E. Report- Rod Wolter is the track manager. Dan Harmon and one other person are the current employees. The Porsche Club will have an HPDE on November 13th. Ken Patterson will meet with Rod to re-approve the track for SCCA use. The Solo program wants to look at the lot on October 13th. See new business.

Membership Report – Currently we have 499 members.

Old Business:

Nominating Committee and Elections- Several candidates attended the meeting. An email blast with the bios of the candidates has been sent. The ballots will be mailed October 10th. The candidates are invited to the October social/meeting.

Banquet- Julia and Charlene continue to work on the banquet.

Bowling Night- The bowling alley has increased the price of food. We just want pizzas.

Awards Committee- Bill still needs nominations.

New Business:

Gateway Communications- The BoD discussed how to communicate with Gateway. There needs to be a pecking order on both sides to manage to flow of information and negotiations. We must be non-confrontational while making the best possible deals. Steven wants the program chairs involved at every step and to be part of the team. There should be a small committee responsive to the program chairs.

Motion: Schnardthorst/Friesenborg To appoint Jan Rick to head the negotiating committee. Approved; Abstained: Jan Rick

Motion: Friesenborg to adjourn. Approved; Unanimous

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