2011 Dec. BoD Minutes

May 15, 2012

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
Board of Director’s Meeting
December 12th, 2011
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Cesare Venegoni- Regional Executive
Matt Osmoe- Assistant Regional Executive
Bill Schnardthorst- Treasurer
Lynn Wilson- Secretary
Tim Weatherford
Jan Rick

Directors absent:

Steven Burkett
Chuck Deprow
Susan Anderson


Jose Hernandez
Julia Briggen
Charlene Lain
Steve Slotten

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Program Reports:

Solo –Jan Rick is the new Solo committee chair. The program has scheduled 12 points events. Four will be at Gateway. Six will be at Family Arena. Two will be at Blytheville, AR. Evo school will be at Gateway and the Novice school will be at Family Arena. There will be a National Tour at Gateway in November. The committee is working on a mission statement and goals and better scheduling at events.

Club Racing –May need to raise entry fees for 2012 due to low attendance. Bryon sent a budget. There are questions about the Region’s radios and Gateway’s radios. There may be a shortage of Chiefs and workers. Crash, Fire and Rescue school is back burner. Ned to work on getting more entries.

Performance Rally –Has been spun off as a separate organization. We will continue to support there events.

Rally-X – There were five events last year. Possibly, there will be more events in 2012. Most events will be at Bonne Terre. Brian Schwanter will continue as chair.
Road Rally –No report.
PDX– The committee will start meeting again on the first Monday of the month. Plans are for four Wednesday afternoon events and one Saturday event. Jose Hernandez and Alex Furla will be the program co-chairs.
Street Survival- Plans call for two schools’ one each at Family Arena and Gateway.

November Minutes:

We forgot to approve them.

Treasurer’s Report:

The Profit and Loss statement needs to be revised. A comparison of 2011 and 2010 financials show a large drop in revenue due to the closure of Gateway and the suspension of the Club Racing and PDX programs. Solo revenue was down slightly. The charge card processing fees are being taken care of. Our bookkeeping service will take over writing our checks.

R. E. Report- Cesare presented the BoD members with binders containing his goals, expectations and duties of board members, and the region bylaws. Cesare wants to hae a “full court press” to find new leaders. We need to share responsibilities and get new ideas.

Membership Report – Membership numbers are steady. Steve will stay on as chairman until a replacement is found.

Old Business:

Tech-O-Rama- This will be held at Gateway in March. It will be held in conjunction with other clubs.

Banquet- Charlene will meet with Spazio’s to go over the contract this week. Menu is set. Dave Jones has arranged for sponsors to send a couple of boxes of goodies. Pricing is set. Trivia contest about Region history. Jan discussed how to present the Solo awards. Julia need the membership list. Motorsportsreg should be up by this weekend. Curtis Francois will speak about the future of Gateway.

Motion: Rick/Schnardhorst The Region charge $30.00 per person/$35.00 Non-member and $13.00 for kids for the banquet. Approved; Unanimous

Awards Committee- Bill final list of nominations. Bill will be contacting two sources about awards. Bill has two bids for similar awards but there is a big difference in price.

New Business:

Gateway Liaison-Negotiations are different with the new management at Gateway. There is no contract with them yet. However Jan presented the schedules for Club Racing, Solo and PDX events at Gateway. Pricing is to be same as 2010. Food for Club Racing should be cheaper.

Board Vacancy- The BoD entered an executive session to discuss the vacancy, potential candidates and process to select a new member.

Motion: Weatherford/Osmoe To ask members to express interest in serving on the board with the decision to fill the vacancy to be made at a special BoD meeting 6 PM Decemer 19th, 2011, Approved; Unanimous

End executive session
Regional Executive Attendance at Conventions-The BoD discussed the need for the R. E. to attend the Midiv and National Conventions.

Motion: Rick/Wilson To approve the expenditure of $200 for the R. E. to attend the Midiv Convention. Approved; Unanimous

Motion: Rick/Wilson To approve the expenditure of $1100 for the R. E. to attend the National Convention. Approved; Unanimous

Motion: Weatherford to adjourn. Approved; Unanimous

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