2012 January BoD Minutes

May 15, 2012

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
Board of Director’s Meeting
January 9th, 2012
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Cesare Venegoni- Regional Executive
Bill Schnardthorst- Treasurer
Lynn Wilson- Secretary
Tim Weatherford
Jan Rick
Steven Burkett
Chuck Deprow
Susan Anderson
Jose Hernandez

Directors absent:

Matt Osmoe- Assistant Regional Executive


Julia Briggen

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Program Reports:

Solo –The SAC has been discussing the event format and scheduling in order to have more runs at each event. The budget is a rough draft, but should be close to final. Entry fees will not be increased. The SAC is discussing having event trophies or not. Andy Hohl will chair the Evo School. Discussing Test ‘n Tunes. The display has been repaired.

Club Racing –The 2012 budget is based on 100 entries. Some 2012 expenses are still unknown. Bryon wants to find his replacement and build the Club Racing committee. A Tech Chief is needed who will make a 3 year commitment. Steven will be asking drivers and others to be backers of the program by donating money to backstop the budget. The program will set up a PayPal account at no cost to the Region. Track cleanup at Gateway is March 3rd. Brian Cohn will invite workers from NASA. Steven will try to establish a relationship with an auto dealer. Ken Patterson will inspect Gateway on January 3rd.

Performance Rally –No report.

Rally-X – No report and no budget.
Road Rally –No report and no budget.
PDX– The program is changing from charging by driver to charging by car plus the insurance for extra drivers. Budget will be submitted by the end of the week.
Street Survival- The committee will start having meeting soon. The budget is for one school, but will probably have two.
November and December Minutes:

Motion: Hernandez/Burkett To approve the November and December minutes. Approved, Unanimous

Treasurer’s Report:

No PDX, Rally-x, or Road Rally budgets were submitted. PDX is waiting on track costs. Bill will send the financial reports by email this week. Bill analyzed the 4% fee. It should be good for 2012. Steven feels that raising the 4% fee to 6% to build the coffers would be a good idea. The BoD discussed this idea. Chuck asked about the banking fees. Some charge card fees are to be returned. Charge card fees have been stopped.

R. E. Report- No report.

Membership Report – No report.

Old Business:

Banquet- 52 people registered. Six comped from Gateway. Three comped from Solo. Email blast to be sent January 10th. A TV and a DVR player will be given away.

Awards Committee- Bill has the Region awards and is waiting for the program awards.

Gateway Liaison- Bruce Stevens has talked to Dan Harman about the Tech-o-rama and Dan said it would const $2500. Jan spoke with Dan and he was quoting the price for the Street Survival school. Tech-o-rama will be free and will be called the Gateway Kickoff. We will provided $500 for food. The date for the Street Survival was bumped to May 5th and is firm.

Board Vacancy- Jose Hernandez was the only person to express interest in filling the vacancy and has be appointed to the BoD.

Wheelspin- Eileen needs articles. Each BoD member should write something.

New Business:

Bylaws- Carla has volunteered to update the bylaws.

Purchasing and bidding- Cesare wants to get at least three bids for everything we buy. BoD discussed policy and procedures.

Sponsors- BoD discussed how to relate to sponsors and the responsibilities of both parties. Ceasre will contact the programs about their sponsorships.

Motion: Hernandez to adjourn. Approved; Unanimous

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