2011 March BoD Minutes

May 15, 2012

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
Board of Director’s Meeting
March 12th, 2012
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Matt Osmoe- Assistant Regional Executive
Bill Schnardthorst- Treasurer
Lynn Wilson- Secretary
Steven Burkett
Chuck Deprow
Susan Anderson
Tim Weatherford
Jose Hernandez

Directors absent:

Jan Rick
Cesare Venegoni- Regional Executive

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Program Reports:

Solo –The SAC has a goal of “More seat time for all”. We will have at least 5 runs. The first event is at Gateway on April 1st and the second will be at Family Arena on April 15th. If a new person joins the club as an annual member, he will get two free entries. Payments have been made to Family Arena. Several ideas will be implemented to speed up our events, including the use of three grids. EVO school for 2012 has guaranteed a no financial loss contract for our club. We need to promote the event. EVO school is developing a new Novice school. We wish to have on of the first ones. Solo had a table at the Gateway Kickoff and gave out magnets with the schedule.

Club Racing –15 cars were give annual tech inspections at the Gateway Kickoff. Mike Wolf will be the Chief of Tech. Club Racing is preparing for the May race. $1000 will get an entry to the May and July races, banquet tickets and additional perks. The program could not work out a joint date with Chump Car.

Rally-X – There will be more events this year, but there are no local sites. Matt sat in on several Rally-X sessions at the National convention and will work with Brian Schwantner to obtain new sites.
Road Rally – Ron Ferris will not be the chair in order to compete in National rallies.
PDX–The first event will be May 16th, but we won’t open registration until Gateway provides a contract. 33 cars went through annual tech at the Gateway Kickoff. Milwaukee Region will be having a charity PDX at Road America and would like to have St. Louis Region instructors participate. We will have another new instructors school this year. Some PDX experience will count toward a Club Racing license.
Street Survival- The committee had a table at the Gateway Kickoff. Two schools are planned; one at Gateway on May 5th and one at Family Arena on September 29th. Registration is open and is limited to 30 students. No contract has been received from Gateway.
100 Acre Wood-They had 65 entries and it went off without a hitch. It was mentioned on Speed Channel.
February Minutes:

We for got to approve them.

Treasurer’s Report:

The current reports do not show the 2011 Rally-X information. No expenses have been provided for Road Rally. Ron Ferris say the income and expenses are very small. Bill will contact Beth Whitworth about the 2011 tax returns. Bill will recompute the 2011 financial statements without the Performance Rally information.

Convention Report- Matt, Jose and Lynn talked about what they learned. The membership office will be launching several programs to get new members and retain current members. The National office is working with a Kansas City firm to improve the visibility and marketing of the Club. The Time Trials committee is pushing to have more hill climbs. The National office is working on a program with Wounded Warriors to have driving school for retuning soldiers.

Membership Report – No report.

Old Business:

Gateway Liaison- Jan was absent due to illness.

Gateway Kickoff- The Kickoff was very successful with 1000 people attending. Several cars were on display. See program reports for more info.

Bylaws- Carla is working on proposed changes. Nothing new at this time.

New Business:

Social Media-We have 190 likes on the Region Facebook page. Many new likes from drag racers who attended the Gateway Kickoff. Tim set up a Twitter account for the Region last year. Someone should be tweeting from all of our events.

Motion: Hernandez/Weatherford To have Sheila Burkett take charge of the Region’s social media. Approved; Unanimous

Motion: Hernandez To adjourn. Approved; Hernandez opposed.

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