Solo Novice School & Charity Event

June 18, 2012

June 24, 2012 at Family Arena is St. Louis Region SCCA Solo Program = BackStoppers Charity Event

Public Safety: Everyone’s Responsibility
In the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, public safety has taken on new dimensions. Even in the face of growing threats and challenges, police and fire professionals continue to respond with characteristic heroism and selflessness. Unfortunately, some lose their life in the line of duty.
It’s impossible to fill the void they leave in society and in their families, but by supporting The BackStoppers, you can express your appreciation in a tangible way for a life given on behalf of others. By doing so, you can help those they loved the most continue their legacy of dedication to public safety.
A Safety Net with No Strings Attached
Started in 1959, The BackStoppers provides needed support and financial assistance to the spouses and children of all local and county police officers, firefighters, publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs and volunteer fire protection units, who have lost their lives performing their duty. Deaths from natural causes, illnesses or injuries are outside the organization’s scope. The BackStoppers provides assistance to counties served by Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C in Missouri and Illinois State Police District 11 in Illinois and Cape Girardeau County in Missouri. The BackStoppers, Inc., is a non-profit association of civic-minded men and women in the St. Louis area and neighboring counties in Missouri and Illinois.


The Solo Advisory Committee is pleased to announce thatthe 2012 Solo Drivers School is scheduled for Saturday, June 23, 2012 at FamilyArena. The school is an introduction to the sport of autocross (Solo). Itconsists of two parts: an evening classroom session and an all day drivingschool.

The classroom session will take place on Tues. June 19 atRusso Cafe, 9904 Page Avenue, 63132 at 6:30PM. Dinner is not included but youmay order dinner off of the menu. The Saturday driving school begins atapproximately 7:30AM with registration and a brief drivers meeting. Studentswill spend the day receiving one-on-one instruction in autocross driving techniquesby experienced autocross drivers from the St. Louis Region of the SCCA. Theschool is expected to run through 4:00PM. Lunch will be provided.

Attendance is limited to thirty students. Pre-registrationis required; no walk-ins will be allowed to participate. Registration will beon driver with avalid driver’s license who has competed in fewer than five previous autocrossevents (St. Louis Region SCCA and/or any other car club) may participate. Thisrequirement may be waived at the discretion of the event organizers

Any driver with a valid driver’s license who has competedin fewer than five previous autocross events (St. Louis Region SCCA and/or anyother car club) may participate. This requirement may be waived at thediscretion of the event organizers.

Students must provide their own car.

Helmets (Snell 2000 or newer) are required. Loanerhelmets will be available.

All students will be required to sign the standard SCCAinsurance waiver.

Students under age 18 will be required to complete theSCCA Minor Waiver that requires signatures from parents or guardian.

Car numbers (1 through ?) will be randomly assigned.These numbers are for use at the school only.

Entry fee is $125.00. Contact the event chairman, MikeKenney at for more information.

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