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April 20, 2013

This year, Gateway Motorsports Park is offering the St. Louis Region SCCA an opportunity to earn credit toward the use of their facilities. Your time and effort will benefit the St. Louis Region SCCA by helping reduce the cost of putting on events. All programs can benefit! In return, it allows the region to thrive. As a member organization, it takes everyone to help make this happen.


  • $ Credited / Hour = Total Weekend Credit Earned by Region / Total Hours Worked
  • Each member who works is able to designate which St. Louis Region SCCA program [Club Race, PDX, Solo, Rally, or RallyX] will receive the credit for their time worked. [Note: The recipient program does not have to put their events on at Gateway Motorsport Park to receive the credit.] If no recipient program is specified by the working member, credit will go into the region’s general funds.
  • Each volunteer will receive a weekend pass to the event they are working at Gateway Motorsports Park.
  • Each volunteer will have an opportunity to participate in the particular event they are working. For example: if you are working an autocross event for the Ford Fun Fest, you will be able to rotate into the autocross.
  • Additional volunteer incentives are being identified.

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