Gateway Double-National RoadRally Weekend July 31 – August 2

June 17, 2015

Trust Me (Course and Tour) and Scenic Byways (Course and Tour)

Our goal is to provide you, the competitor, with a national weekend that will offer two days of enjoyable sports-car roads and scenery in the Illinois portion of the St. Louis metropolitan region.  We will run our rallies in accordance with the SCCA’s RoadRally Rules, 2015 Edition as amended by our General Instructions for the weekend.

Rallymaster Ron Ferris has designed each rally so that it may be run as a Course event or a Touring (Tour) event.  You will select which version you wish to run.  Ron’s third edition of Trust Me and his second edition of Scenic Byways will incorporate the rural roads and country lanes of Macoupin, Madison, and Bond counties in southwestern Illinois, just across the river from the Gateway Arch.  On both days, we will employ open controls as well as occasional DIYC controls.  Mostly, assigned average speeds will be moderate.

You’ll find complete information (headquarters hotel, entry fees, schedule, and contacts) along with an entry form at the link below.

We look forward to you participating and promise you great roads, fun events, and plenty of smiles!

2015 StL National RoadRally Entry Form

2015 Double Nationals General Instructions

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