Proposed By-Law Changes

November 1, 2016
A By-Laws Committee has reviewed our current By-Laws (available under the Docs and Forms tab on this website), dated April 2001, and is proposing the following changes:

2016 StL SCCA By-Laws for MEMBERS Oct 10 (a pdf document)

1.    All items highlighted in yellow are for sequencing, clarity, and correction in spelling, punctuation, typing errors, and grammar, and do not affect the intent of the current By-Laws.  We will vote all of these changes in as one vote.  Rationale: to correct errors.

2.     Items that are struck through are to be removed.

3.     Items in bold are to be added.

4.     We are adding ARTICLE II on gender.  Rationale:  this updates and complies with current standards.

5.     We are adding ARTICLE III on Non-Discrimination.  Rationale:  this updates and complies with current standards.

6.     This requires renumbering the ARTICLES.

7.     We have reordered the By-Laws from Meetings/Board/Officers/Members to Members/Board/Officers/Meeting.

8.     We have separated ARTICLE XII Earnings and Dissolution and ARTICLE XIII Propaganda and Legislation (both formerly ARTICLE X).   Rationale:  they are separate topics.

9.     We are changing ARTICLE V, Section 2 (formerly ARTICLE III, Section 2 – officer terms) and ARTICLE V, Section 11 (formerly ARTICLE III, Section 11 – Ex-Officio term) the length of term for officers from one to two years and alternating R.E. with Secretary in even numbered years and Asst. R.E. with Treasurer in odd numbered years.  This will also change the Ex-Officio term to two years.  Rationale:  this will provide better continuity on the Board of Directors.

10.   We are changing ARTICLE V, Section 2 B (formerly ARTICLE III, Section 2 B) that the nominating committee shall select “at least one member” of the Club for each officer position from the current “no less than two”.  Rationale:  it has become more difficult to find two candidates per office.

11.   We are changing ARTICLE V, Sections 2 D & E (formerly ARTICLE III, Sections 2 B & C) that notice of the nominees is made immediately following the September board meeting and any ten members may also nominate any qualified member in writing to the Secretary by September 30.  Rationale:  there is no September membership meeting.

12.   We are clarifying ARTICLE V, Section 2 G (formerly ARTICLE III, Section 2 E) that the election will be at the “November membership meeting” from the current “at the annual meeting” (because the annual meeting is held AFTER the regular meeting).  Rationale:  this is to remove the confusion and clarify the order of what happens at both the regular November meeting and the annual meeting.

13.   We are adding in ARTICLE V, Section 2 (formerly ARTICLE III, Section 2) a naming structure for the officers to include/clarify the terms Regional Executive and Assistant Regional Executive.  Rationale:  this complies with the naming structure in our Articles of Incorporation (where it lists President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer).

We will hold a special meeting to vote on changes to the By-Laws at the annual meeting on Monday, November 21, 2016 at Patrick’s in Westport, which will follow the November meeting and elections.

You can vote in person at Patrick’s, by mailing in an absentee ballot or for the first time voting online.  Details are below.

Every member 16 years old or older and in good standing is entitled to vote on the proposed by-laws changes.  The by-laws may be altered, amended, repealed, or new by-laws adopted only upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of a quorum of the members.  Proxy votes are not permitted.  Members are only allowed to vote in one format (in person, mail/absentee, or online).

Members may print an absentee proposed by-laws ballot from this website under Top News and mail it to the address below with a postmark of no later than November 16, 2016 to:

Eileen Waters, Secretary
St. Louis Region SCCA
13425 Old Jamestown
St. Louis, MO  63033-4509

Online voting
 is available at MotorsportReg for by-laws proposals until 11:59 p.m. November 20, 2016.

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