2019 Pinewood Derby Rules

November 13, 2018
Our second annual Pinewood Derby takes place on Sunday, January 6, 2019 as part of our Annual Awards party.  Impress your family, friends, and fellow partygoers with your car-building skills.  Amaze them with your sense of taste and style to design the ideal table-top race car.  Let your competitive fires help warm a winter’s celebration!

The Boy Scouts of America will supply both the track and a Chief Steward for the event.

There is a minimum entry fee of $1, which will be a charitable donation to the Boy Scouts.  Those who wish to pay with larger denominations of currency will be considered more generous, as no change will be provided.

No SCCA race would be complete without supplemental regulations – you can download the Pinewood Derby supps here (same rules as last year).  If you have questions, contact event chair Jose Hernandez.

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