Deke Blagdon retirement

February 1, 2009

To: St. Louis Regions SCCA, Midwest Division Scrutineers
From: Deke Blagdon

Subject: Retirement

All hobbies are subject to evaluation using a form of the equation:

Cost( Money+ Time+ Physical Effort+Intellectual Effort)= Pleasure (Old Friends+ New Friends+ Intellectual Stimulation)

When this equation falls out of balance, its time to find a new avocation. Sadly, I find that the time has arrived.

A list of friends from 45 years of membership would cover many pages. Thanks to all, living and departed, who have made it such a pleasure.

Thanks as well to those leaders that have brought SCCA from a very small organization in Westport Connecticut to the multi-faceted behemoth it is today. I may not have agreed with all of the decisions made, but the people elected have made those decisions believing that they were in the best interests of the club.

The community of Tech Inspectors (Scrutineers if you wish) has contributed greatly to the safety of our racing. Over the years, I have been coached, mentored and corrected by colleagues, competitors and friends. All have contributed to the fun and safety of SCCA racing. Thank you all.

As I plod off to the tar pits and look back over my shoulder I leave you with a reptilian smile for all the good times.



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