Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2008

Facilitator: Curt Faigle, RE; Diane Prokopf, Asst RE; Sheila Burkett, Secretary; Jeff Leavell, Treasurer; Attendees: Member-At-Large: Carol Cohn, Jeff Seelig and Lee Hanson. Absent: Arshad Mohabbat & Nadeem Bari.

Curt Faigle opened the meeting at 6:45 p.m. at Syberg’s.

May minutes were approved on Yahoo with changes.

Treasurer’s ReportJeff Leavell

Jeff provided financials to the board and reviewed details. The tax return is completed on time and sent to the IRS. Discussed the Performance Rally balance.

Program Committee Reports

Solo Committee Report – Bill Schnardthorst

We held our monthly meeting this evening. Covered several items as follows:

  • Discussed MiDiv
  • Financials made 1544.98 after all expenses
  • Excellent turnout 157 entrants
  • Axware T&S Software – Identified several areas where we will be asking the developer to enhance or fix the software.
  • End of event cleanup – Discussed how to ensure that we have sufficient people at the end of the event to get everything cleaned up properly.
  • T&S Truck licensing – Will get estimate for costs to get T&S truck repaired sufficiently to get it inspected and licensed. Licenses are out of date for both truck and trailer by several years.
  • Insurance and Personal Property taxes are current
  • A problem with the timer system was brought to our attention. The timer display has one of the timer segments failing. It was decided that due to the uncertainty of getting the timer sent in and repaired before out next event we should try to purchase a new backup timer from JA Circuits. The cost of this would be $1625 plus shipping and taxes if appropriate. With what we made on the MiDiv and the $1500 we will be getting for running the Impala Club autocross later this month we will have made more than enough to cover that cost. So requesting approval from the BOD with this note.
  • We discussed that the current registration for our Evo Schools is very low and there were concerns that it might be cancelled. It was decided to make sure everyone is made aware that the school will be held no matter what since we are still committed to paying for the lot those two days per our contract. Worst case we will cap the school at 12 students each day and avoid having to fly in a third instructor.
  • Decided to try to encourage additional online preregistration by offering an incentive to these who preregister. The idea is that we will put the names of only those who preregister in a pot and for every 30 preregistered people we will draw one name out and award them a free entry for the next event. We will start promoting this with an email blast out to our email list within the next week.
  • Discussed concerns about Gateway maybe being on the sales block since Dovers largest shareholder is pushing them hard to divest themselves of their smaller tracks. Along with this we discussed progress on out site acquisition efforts which have pretty much draw a blank so far. Only lot we have found so far that could actually hold one of our events is Family arena. We had someone who was going to contact them to get the ball rolling but at the last minute they decided that they do not wish to be involved in Solo anymore. That was Nick Jackson our Novice Chief at the time. We are still trying to regroup in that area.

Club Racing Committee Report – Steven Burkett

  1. August sanction is done, entry is online, e-mail blast is out, and we have three entries already
  2. Bryan Prokopf has agreed to take over as CRC chair for ’09.
  3. Bob Eddy has replaced Norm Floyd as MiDiv executive steward.
  4. I predict that although August will still be good, the change of Runoffs venue from Heartland to Road America for next year will hurt national entries nationwide for the remainder of the season (a lot of people will be racing less in anticipation of racing more in ’09).
  5. We are going to set a flat rental fee for anyone borrowing club racing fire bottles in ’09. This will be a prorated share of required annual maintenance, no profit will be sought. Amount TBD.
  6. The July meeting will be a cookout at my house for the CRC and Chiefs to prep for the August race, announce Bryon’s “promotion” and socialize.

PDX Committee Report – Chuck DeProw

RallyCross Committee Report – John Huebbe:

We will be using the Gateway lot 3 times this year, with possibly a fourth event at Phil’s parent’s farm.
Our first event is on Sunday June 15

New Business:

  • Discussed PDX wanting to pay workers to work corners at PDX events. Carol will follow-up with National and Curt will ask Chuck
  • Discussed use of forums for other events outside of SCCA. Curt and Jeff Seelig will discuss this with specific individuals.
  • Monthly postcards didn’t go out in May or June nor an email blast about all events.
  • Curt asked for Mid-year comments.
  • Feb. 2009 SCCA Convention will be in Las Vegas and the info is on the Website.
  • Eric Prill with SportsCar has started a rumor mill column.
  • Carol reviewed what she has planned for the next General Meeting. She has several games planned for the meeting. The next General Meeting will be in September. There will be no August meeting nor an October meeting.
  • Discussed Nominating Committee. Diane Prokopf will be chair.

Old Business:

  • BBQ went great and wish more people attended.
  • European Car Show booth went well and there are a few pictures on the website.
  • Old Wheelspin issues – nothing happening and waiting for the two people to get back to me. The Cohn’s want to keep the originals.

Lee moved, Jeff seconded the meeting be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.




Contact Susan Anderson to discuss membership duties. Carol Cohn Done
Organize BBQ in June for General Mtg Sheila Burkett Done
Update Bylaws Diane Prokopf & Carol Cohn
Pull action plan out of strategic plan Sheila Burkett
Remove 4th event for RallyCross off website, etc Sheila Burkett
Invite Membership Chair to August Meeting Curt Faigle

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