Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2008

Facilitator: Curt Faigle, RE; Diane Prokopf, Asst RE; Sheila Burkett, Secretary; Jeff Leavell, Treasurer; Attendees: Member-At-Large: Carol Cohn, Nadeem Bari, Lee Hanson and Jeff Seelig. Absent: Arshad Mohabbat.

Curt Faigle opened the meeting at 6:45 p.m. at Syberg’s.

Lee still owes the board minutes from the September meeting. Lee should have them out this week.

Treasurer’s ReportJeff Leavell

Jeff provided an overview of the financials and each programs budget to actual.

Program Committee Reports

Solo Committee Report – Bill Schnardthorst

Club Racing Committee Report – Steven Burkett

We are ready for the October race. We do not have an assistant race chair lined up so if anyone is interested or knows of anyone, please forward to me. We will be okay without if needed. Jeff Seelig has graciously agreed to chair the race again. The turnout looks low. We are hoping to make the best of it, particularly if we have a very small event we will try to get the racers more track time rather than just shortening the day.

The 2009 schedule is set. Because there will be a super school at MAM in the spring, we opted not to have a school again. This did take some effort to get an exemption from MiDiv but when the dust settled the executive committee voted unanimously to waive our school requirement. So the final schedule is a Regional National March 28/29, a regional/national August 1/2 and a double regional October31/November 1st. We will not have the MidAm bonus race this year, so October will be two regular points’ races.

The driver’s school issue is a big deal throughout the country, and we have tried to make our voice heard that changes are needed. Bob Eddy has some interest in MiDiv sharing the cost of schools, but whether we can ever make this happen in a way that everyone can agree to is a big question. We did agree that if something can be done at the division level to ensure financial success, we will try to add a single school to the schedule, probably the Friday before the October race, but that is a long shot.

Unless there are big changes at the national level, we will be doing a super school one way or the other in 2010, so hopefully the economy and SCCA race turnouts will be on the upswing by then.

We still need a tech chief, sound control chief and food chief for 2009.

Bryon Prokopf is officially taking over the committee chair after the October race. He is already acting proxy for the MiDiv exec committee, as you know.

PDX Committee Report – Chuck DeProw

The season is coming to an end; we have one more full day event, which is October 19th. We have had a very successful year with the number of students that have been to the Wednesday evening PDX’s. We have graduated around 20 instructors. We have drivers asking about the Instructors’ school for ’09 already. The last two weeks, the economy has hurt registration. We have had a few to withdraw due to what has happened in the last two weeks. As of today, we will not break even; I have to hope this will change this last week of registration. Sport Car had a nice article about the STL PDX.

Rally Cross Committee Report – John Huebbe:

Event #3 was a huge success. The event went off without a hitch. We had lots of competitors, spectators, and a rain-free weekend to play out in the dirt. For the first time we had a small practice course and a social hour on Saturday. Both were well attended and made for a great atmosphere to start the weekend off.
Come Sunday we had 31 drivers, which made it our largest turnout since the start of the Rallycross program. Two courses were used and competitors got 3 runs per course. Divisional rules were used with all runs counting. 7 classes out of 8 were filled and many great battles were going on for the top honors. 7 first place class trophies were given out. Since one class was not attended the extra trophy was used for second place in the highest filled class, prepared all-wheel drive. Photos and results have been posted to the website.

Event #4 was out lowest turnout of the season. We had 12 drivers and probably more spectators. The weather again was perfect. With some creative design the course was the longest that we’ve had at Gateway, with times around 60 seconds. Only issue with the course was the very dry ground and dust clouds from parts of the course. Results should be posted this week. There was a small car fire but with some quick thinking by other drivers it was put out without getting out of hand. Luckily no damage was done. Besides for the low turnout the event went pretty good.

Performance Rally – Tom vonHatten:

New Business:

  • Discussed how to handle recognizing people’s family members passing away.
  • Carol suggested we make sure the budget reflects the extra costs going to National Convention. Carol moves we adjusts the amount budgeted for National Convention from $1,500 to $1,800. Lee Hanson seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Nadeem updated the group on the banquet. It will be January 17, 2009.
  • Jeff Seelig updated the group on awards.

Old Business:

  • Membership chair – report in Oct. – now pushed back to November
  • General Meeting Location

Meeting adjourned at 7:44 p.m.




Update Bylaws Diane Prokopf & Carol Cohn In progress
Pull action plan out of strategic plan Sheila Burkett Tabled

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