Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2008

We are looking for sponsors for the 09 season.

Rally Cross Committee Report – John Huebbe:

RallyCross 2008 Review
Total number of events: 4
Location: Gateway, Green parking lot

Sunday, June 15
Saturday, August 16
Saturday and Sunday, September 20 & 21
Sunday, October 12

#1: 19 (6 SCCA, 13 Weekend)
#2: 17 (8 SCCA, 9 Weekend)
#3: 31 (19 SCCA, 12 Weekend)
#4: 12 ( 9 SCCA, 3 weekend)

Average: 19.75 per event

Budget Overview:
Our program took in approximately $2400 in entry fees. Lot fees accounted for 49% of our expenses, 22% went to supplies, and 29% went to sanction fees. Financially our program was looking good after the National Challenge event, but with our 4th event only getting 12 entrants we actually lost money on the year. However, if you remove the 6% region fee we basically broke even.

2008 thoughts:
We have seen more new faces this year and our weekend membership shows this. Hopefully we hooked some people onto this sport and they will come back next year.

Our first 2 regular events for the year were successful compared to the previous years. We averaged 18 drivers. Our third event was by far the best to date. We had 31 drivers and plenty of spectators attend. The Saturday practice and social gathering was well received and about 20 people attended. The final event of the year was disappointing with such a low turnout but it still was enjoyable for everyone.

I think the increase in our entrants this year is because of our continued use of Gateway and the close proximity to St. Louis. The growth of our program will depend greatly on the continued use of Gateway or an alternate location in the St. Louis metro area.

2009 RallyCross Season:
Mark and I anticipate 4 events next year. We hope to see our entries at least stay the same as this past year but would love to increase our average to 20 per event.

Performance Rally – Tom vonHatten:
1) The preliminary route for the 2009 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood has been determined. The rally headquarters will again be in Salem, MO from 26 February through 28 February 2009. Portions of Dent, Crawford, Iron, and Washington Counties will be used to make up the rally route.

The Friday portion of the rally will start in Potosi, MO at about 2:30 PM, with a service session also to be held in Potosi. The Friday evening finish will be in Salem, MO, with the first car expected to arrive at around 7:30 PM. The Saturday portion will, as always, start in downtown Salem, with the first car leaving at about 9:30 AM. Two service breaks will be held in Viburnum, MO, and the finish of the rally will be at the Dent County Court House, Salem, MO. With the first car expected at around 7:15 PM. An awards dinner will also be held that night, beginning at about 8:30 PM.

2) The event budget for the event is submitted as a separate item. Due to the volatile nature of the economy, I am assuming that there will be a reduced entry from the past few years, and will be looking for ways to minimize the impact in the final accounting.

3) I will be checking in with the county commissions of Washington, Dent, and Iron Counties on Monday, 17 November. I have begun checking in with them on a monthly basis to keep them apprised of our activities. This is all the more important in this, an election year.

4) I also attended an “educational” meeting of the Ozark Heritage Tourism Association this last Friday. I was introduced to the web editor of the Missouri Department of Tourism and a representative of the Business Development arm of the University of Missouri Extension Service, out of Camdenton, MO. Both the committee and the City of Salem are trying to better use these resources so we can both market the rally better, and obtain a more formalized financial impact statement for the rally that can be used to obtain and bolster both political and financial support from the event.

5) I can be reached for additional information and questions at 314-741-0508 or via email at Tom vonHatten, Chairman

New Business:

  • Sheila Burkett moved we provide desserts at the Annual Meeting on 11/17. Jeff Leveall 2nd. Motion approved.
  • Curt is working with a marketing company to get free movie tickets to Transporter 3.
  • Jeff Seelig is getting lots of nominations for awards.
  • Paul Nettle is getting many absentee ballots.

Old Business:

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.




Update Bylaws Diane Prokopf & Carol Cohn In progress
Pull action plan out of strategic plan Sheila Burkett Tabled
Check to see why Larry K. didn’t get mailing Sheila Burkett
Send out email reminder about annual meeting Sheila Burkett

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