Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2008

Facilitator: Curt Faigle, RE; Diane Prokopf, Asst RE; Sheila Burkett, Secretary; Jeff Leavell, Treasurer; Attendees: Member-At-Large: Carol Cohn, Arshad Mohabbat, Nadeem Bari. Guest: Susan Anderson, Membership Chairperson. Absent: Lee Hanson, Jeff Seelig

Curt Faigle opened the meeting at 6:45 p.m. at Syberg’s.

April minutes were approved with changes.

Treasurer’s ReportJeff Leavell

The board reviewed each program’s actual YTD numbers. The board discussed the seed money given the Performance Rally program. Jeff and Sheila will research the 2002 minutes and records to see the agreement.

Program Committee Reports

Solo Committee Report – Bill Schnardthorst

We held our monthly meeting on May 6 at Spazio’s. We discussed:

  • Designating our July 13th event as a charity event for the Shriner’s Hospital and will work out details as to what we are going to do to raise money for that etc.
  • Loaning cones to the Street Survival School as well as renting cones to the Viper and Porsche clubs.
  • We were also somewhat concerned about a low turnout for this Sunday’s event but the pre-registrations are starting to pick up so I don’t think we will be too bad off.
  • We are still okay finance wise, in the black even with the last frostbite event.
  • We discussed the MidDiv coming up Memorial Day weekend and that is coming along well also but registration for that is down also. I think the economy and cost of gas is starting to hurt us.

Club Racing Committee Report – Steven Burkett

1) August sanction paperwork is in, but not yet approved.

2) We are going to solicit art for the August and October trophies via We are going to pose it as a contest – the CRC will select winning art. We are hoping that fame and glory are enough and that no prize will be needed to get some of our more creative members to put together some neat artwork.

One thing we are going to start is asking the artists to sign their work. It adds a little personal and historic touch to the trophy.

3) We have pretty well finalized financials from March and we don’t see any significant change from our projected figures, i.e. we made good money on the race.

4) We still need a CRC chair for ’09. I am beginning to look outside the CRC for candidates as I do not have a commitment from anyone on the committee as of yet.

PDX Committee Report – Chuck DeProw

The May 7th, PDX had to be canceled due to weather. There will be a makeup date later, not sure what that date will be yet. The next date for the PDX is May 21st. May 24th is a full day event, and we could use workers and instructors, as there is a Road Race at Memphis that weekend also.

RallyCross Committee Report – John Huebbe:

We lost our best site, Ewing IL. It will be greatly missed. We will be using the Gateway lot 3 times this year, with possibly a fourth or fifth event (depends). We are in talks with Gateway to get our fourth event in October moved to the Green Lot. If anyone knows of a person with 10 to 15 acres of useable land for a RallyX, please contact either Mark or John. Our first event is on Sunday June 15th

New Business:

  • European Car Show is June 1 at Plaza Frontenac. It cost $300 and supports Shriner’s. Curt is willing to put it together and working it. Sheila moved we pay $300 for the St. Louis Region to be at the European Car Show. Seconded by Arshad. Four approved; two against. Motion passed.
  • Discussed fire bottles that are maintained by the Club Racing Committee and used by PDX and Performance Rally. Diane moved based on the Club Racing Committee request that the region absorb the annual maintenance of the fire extinguishers. Carol Cohn seconded. Two for; Three opposed; one abstained.
  • Discussed contracts being negotiated with Gateway. Arshad moved that the treasurer and RE should be present or involved in all discussions/reviews with our negotiator prior to final draft of all contracts. Jeff Leavell seconded. Motion approved by all members. Curt will discuss with Jan.
  • Postcards and emails have not gone out yet.
  • Discussed meeting attendance requirements.
  • Discussed board’s expectations of Membership Chair role with Susan Anderson. The key items discussed were:
    • Following up with potential members based on Weekend Membership forms.
    • Welcome new members, notify board of new members and recognize new members.
    • Follow up with members who decide to not renew.
    • Meet with Board regularly to update on stats of new member, number of weekend members and number not renewed.

Old Business:

  • Next General Meeting will be the BBQ at Buder Park on June 8th. Discussed the event and how to make it fun.
  • Webmaster – status quo?
  • Jeff Seelig indicated we are still missing the one trophy, but the issue has dissolved.
  • Old Wheelspin issues; Carol brought the group up to date on this issue.
  • Bylaws are in the first draft. Diane is currently typing up the changes.
  • Nadeem was in contact with Jan on the banquet; the 3rd week of January.
  • Next August meeting will be at Syberg’s instead of Maryland Yards.

Nadeem moved, Jeff seconded the meeting be adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.




Contact Susan Anderson to discuss membership duties. Carol Cohn
Organize BBQ in June for General Mtg Sheila Burkett
Update Bylaws Diane Prokopf & Carol Cohn
Pull action plan out of strategic plan Sheila Burkett
Identify 2008 Banquet Chair Curt Faigle Nadeem Bari will do it

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