Board of Directors Feb 2009

January 17, 2010


02/09/2009 @ Syberg’s

Facilitator:  Diane Prokopf, RE; Carol Cohn, Asst RE; Sheila Burkett, Secretary; Jeff Leavell, Treasurer; Attendees: Member-At-Large: Don Melvin, Nadeem Bari, and Jeff Seelig; Past RE: Curt Faigle.     Absent: Dana Hullinger. 

Diane Prokopf opened the meeting at 6:36 p.m. at Syberg’s.  

January minutes approved via Yahoo Groups.   

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Leavell

Jeff provided the board a balance sheet comparison for 12/31/07 to 12/31/08.  We reviewed 2008 Budget to Actuals.  Carol Cohn moved, Jeff Seelig seconded that the treasurer’s report be approved.  Motion approved.  The board reviewed the budget for the region and all programs.  The vote will be held to be done via Yahoo once the adjustments and changes are made.

Program Committee Reports

Solo Committee Report – Lee Hanson

We have 8 points events planned; the first beginning on March 29 running through October 18th.  We will offer the Solo School (Novice School) on May 24th which is after pointes event #2.  Additionally we have a fun Nite Solo planned for the 4th of July which will include the use of the light tower and access to areas with a great view of the fireworks.  There will be a Year-End-Challenge on October 25th and we are offering the EVO School on March 7 and 8.  In all, we have 13 scheduled Solo related events for 2009.

Chad Bursche should have submitted our 2009 budget which should be zero balance or slightly in the black.  James Elterman has expressed an interest in joining the SAC and should begin attending meetings in February.

We purchased a used bus from the Washington DC SCCA Solo and Gateway has continued to allow us parking.  This year they would like to offer us covered parking under the grand stands for better protection.  The bus will require very little modification for our use – generally just taking the Washington DC logo off and replacing it with our own

Club Racing Committee Report – Bryon Prokopf

2009 budget approved and sent to BoD.  Not having a tech chief is still an issue.  Have enough qualified volunteers to take care of what needs done.  Carol Cohn and Bryon Prokopf plan of attending the MiDv convention representing road racing.

PDX Committee Report – Chuck DeProw

Rally Cross Committee Report – John Huebbe

Not much going on until the first event. Four races are planned; the schedule has been announced and is on the website.  Budget has been submitted.   We are looking for people to join the committee and need someone for treasurer and tech.

Performance Rally – Tom vonHatten

Entries are now at 15 and anticipate more by the end of the week. 

New Business:

  • We discussed location for the board meeting.  Need a different location for March.  Jeff Seelig will contact Spazio’s for room availability.  We will try to continue to try and have it at Syberg’s. 
  • Banquet Review:  Carla Russo has offered to chair the banquet and awards committee.  Jeff has the awards committee information on a CD to pass on to Carla.  The board reviewed the overall banquet and how it went.  Diane will contact Carla.
  • The board discussed replacement for Bill Schnardhorst.  Jeff Seelig moved, Carol Cohn seconded that Lee Hanson be appointed to replace Bill Schnardthorst on the board.  His term will run through the end of the 2009 term.  Motion passed unanimously.  Diane Prokopf will contact Lee tonight. 

Old Business:

  • Diane and Carol will be attending National Convention in Vegas.


Jeff Leavell moved, Don Melvin seconded the meeting be adjourned.  Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

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