Board of Directors March 2009

January 17, 2010

St Louis Region SCCA Board of Directors Meeting

March 9, 2009 Spazio’s Resturant


Diane Prokopf  Carol Cohn Don Melvin Curt Faigle  Lee Hanson Dana Hullinger Jeff Seelig  

Minutes taken by Dana Hullinger in place of Sheila Burkett.

Old Business:

 February meeting minutes approved online

Jeff Leavall not in attendance so treasurer’s report not available

Discussions & Decisions:

 Carol Cohn requested permission to use the Region’s credit card to pay for the following expenditures because they are time-sensitive and we are not sure when the Treasurer will return from vacation; Club Racing Trophies, Certified weights for scales, Film for camera to make ID photos at registration (amount not discussed).  Board felt the size of these expenditures were too large to be covered by personal credit card and reimbursement.  The Board decided to allow Carol to use the Region’s credit card to make the payments for the items described.

Question about whether or not we have firm dates for the Rally Cross.  Curt Faigle will find out.

Discussion about the Membership Committee Chair.  Concern was expressed about the current Membership Chair’s responsiveness and pre-activeness with regards to recruiting, follow-up and so forth.  Curt Faigle volunteered to take on the role of Membership Chairman if the current Chair person is willing to turn over the responsibility.  Diane will contact the current Membership Chair.

Discussion about our participation in the European Auto Show in early June.  The membership and publicity benefits are difficult to quantify, so the board agreed to the “minimum” level of participation based on cost. The cost for a single space is estimated to be $250.  Curt will follow up and provide more details on costs, space allocation, etc.

Discussion about the situation that arises when the treasurer is out of town or unavailable and we are not able to sign contracts.  Current procedure requires the Treasurer and RE to sign.  With Jeff out, we cannot sign the 2009 Gateway contract with Dover.  Board proposed that we rewrite the procedure to have any two of the following three people sign:  Treasurer, RE, Program Treasurer.

 Diane is trying to arrange a presentation on national membership trends for the next general meeting.  These are data that were presented at the National Convention that shed light on why people are joining and why people are leaving.  Should be very enlightening.

Diane & Carol discussed both conventions.  The Mid-Div convention is going to try and get more “hands-on” participation sessions and try to recruit more Solo, RallyX and PDX groups to attend.

 Clarification:  Lee Hanson will serve the unexpired term of Bill S. (2 years).  Some thought Lee only served until the next election, but By-Laws are clear on this point.

Discussion on Club Racing website.  Acknowledged that (??) is working on a new site, but Carol requested that if we could at least upload the 2009 Calendar, the 2009 Supplemental and (something else but I don’t have it in my minutes).  Curt F agreed to do it if he still has access.  Also agreed to contact Shelia Burkett to let her know so she would not be surprised because of the parallel web site updating activity.

 Discussion on location of next month’s board meeting.  Carol Cohn motioned to begin holding monthly Board meetings at Spazios.  Lee Hanson seconded.  6 in favor, 1 opposed (Curt Faigle)

 Curt Faigle updated the board on the By-Laws committee.  Not a lot of progress, but it was a good opportunity to inform the new board members about the intent and scope of the By-Laws revisions.

 Lee Hanson updated the board on the Solo EVO school.  Both days were very heavily subscribed and several drivers commented very favorably on the school.

The Performance Rally program requested permission to change banks.  Curt Faigle is working with Jell Leavall on the transition and it was noted that almost all the programs have different banks.

Program Reports:

Solo Committee Report – Lee Hanson (March Bod)

Evo school was last weekend (March 7-8); I’m still waiting for the data from Andy Hohl but the turnout was much better than initially expected.  We had a chance to use the new bus with our old trailer and there were no problems.  The first points event is scheduled for March 29th

We are all concerned with the potential for a lower number of entrants this year because of the economy and are advertising our reduced entry fee in hopes of attracting more participants.  We had a very successful SAC meeting with only 1 regular member absent and most of the Chiefs came as well.  I felt the meeting was productive and expect a successful first event.

My goal for each event is to immediately set a positive atmosphere by getting people on the lot and registered quickly.  The course should be setup in a timely manner allowing course walking early on.  Hopefully by starting well any complications during the event will be seen as minor inconveniences.

Tom vonHatten, Chairman

2009 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood

1)  The 2009 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood was run last weekend on 27-28 February 2009.

 2)  We had a total of 42 entries and 35 finishers.

 3)  Very strange snowfall patterns through the Ozark foothills on Saturday forced the cancellation of the final stage of the rally.  Otherwise, all stages ran on time for the second year in a row.

 4)  For the first time in the history of the event, we had what I’m going to call a positive problem with spectators—we had too many of them at a couple of spectator points, and had to turn them away!  Between Rally America’s efforts and word-of-mouth/viral means, spectator interest has exploded.  It’s now something we have to deal with very, very early in course development for next year. 

 5)  Our worker turnout was very, very good, as well—we have no t-shirts remaining for this year’s design smaller than 2XL, with a lot of them being sold as well as given out as a worker goodie.

 6)  We’re still going over the bills, but I expect to break even or have a slight loss for this year—the budget was set for 46 cars, and we had 42.  We’ll have a better accounting later on.

 7)  There’s interest in Cuba. MO to have a smaller event in the future—probably as part of a local festival.  We’ll be investigating that possibility next month to see if it’s a practical venture.

 8)  The 2010 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood is currently scheduled for 26-27 February, 2010, and will again be based in Salem, MO.

 Bryon Prokopf – Club Racing

We are finalizing arrangements for our March 28-29 weekend.

 John Huebbe – Rally Cross

Same as last month. Nothing has happened yet.

Not much going on until the first event. 4 races are planed and the schedule has been announced and is on the website.  Budget has been submitted & approved.
We are still looking for people to join the committee. Someone for treasurer and tech.

 Carol Cohn motioned to adjourn and Don Melvin seconded.  7 in favor, none opposed.

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