Board of Directors April 2009

January 17, 2010

St. Louis Region SCCA  Minutes of the Board of Directors

13 April 2009

 Attendees: Diane Prokopf Carol Cohn Don Melvin Jeff Leavell Jeff Seelig Curt Faigle Dana Hullinger

 Treasurer’s Report:

  • Jeff Leavell gave the treasurer’s report – accepted
  • Carol Cohn to find our where we are paying rent for records storage.
  • Discussion about whether or not we should be paying sales tax on merchandise sold at events.  Jeff Seelig volunteered to look into the matter.

 Program Reports:

  • Rally Cross needs a treasurer.  (Note: Carol Cohn may volunteer.  She will consider it)
  • Other Program reports were discussed.  Attendance was lower than expected at the first Club Race and Solo, but rain and snow were a factor that weekend.  PDX had a full filled at their first Wednesday evening event.
  • The April Safety School was successful and had attendance from a variety of Club members and Program interests.

 Program Reports:

 Club Racing: Weather was horrible, except for Sunday afternoon.  Some drivers elected not to run because of this.  Otherwise, weekend went OK.   Profit/Loss still being determined.  Will have final tally before next BoD meeting.

RallyX:  Same as last month. Nothing has happened yet… May 30th is the first event.  After that I’ll have something to report.  Again, we are still looking for people to join the committee. Someone for treasurer.

PDX: The PDX just had our first event.  The event was full.  The PDX Committee would like to say a big thank you to the entire road racer group that cane out and helped at the event.  If you have never been out, I urge you to come out and see all the smiling faces.  April 8th, one of our students was 82 years young.  When he came off the track, he could not stop smiling.

100 Acre Wood:  We are still clearing up the remaining bills from the event, and will hold a “core dump” meeting of the 2009 committee on Saturday, April 18.  We’ve already started discussing course options for the 2010 event, which will be held on Feb. 26-27, 2010.


  • Curt Faigle is the new Regional Membership Chairperson.  Thank you Curt!
  • Dana Hullinger will look into old Board minutes to see if he can find the decision and policy regarding the distribution of membership lists and member information to the Program Chairpersons.

European Auto Show:

Board agreed to purchase 3 spaces for the European Auto Show at Plaza Frontenac on June 7th.  Curt Faigle is coordinating the activity for the region.

Motion: Carol Cohn

2nd: Don Melvin

Approved by unanimous vote

 General Meetings:

Short discussion to clarify the notice that General Meetings are canceled except for the meetings required to nominate select Board Members.

New Business:

  • Thank you to Sheila Burkett for the Wheelspin Postcards and the E-Mails.  Very effective communications and well done.
  • Thank you to Curt Faigle for updating the Club Racing web site before the March Regional.
  • Discussion on a combined Membership and Program meeting for new members to get them acquainted with our various programs.  Ideas include an evening at Gateway, cars, drivers and volunteer workers from the different programs, etc.  (probably be a follow-up opportunity for Jan Rick and Curt Faigle)
  • Discussion on the new GIR waiver/wrist band policy.  No real change for the Club, but Drivers, Crew and Workers need to make sure they sign the SCCA waivers too!
  • Question if there is a “Good Samaritan” liability waiver for workers if they help a person in an accident.  Lots of opinion, no one is sure.  Diane will talk to Barrett Braun.
  • Discussion on the importance of recognizing event or series sponsors (flyers, banners, PA announcements, etc.).  We think we are doing a pretty good job, but something that the Program Chairs need to be sensitive to with everything else that is going on.


Motion to Adjourn:

Motion: Don Melvin

2nd: Jeff Leavell


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