Board of Directors May 2009

January 17, 2010


05/11/2009 @ Syberg’s

 Facilitator:  Diane Prokopf, RE; Carol Cohn, Asst RE; Sheila Burkett, Secretary; Jeff Leavell, Treasurer; Attendees: Member-At-Large: Don Melvin, Dana Hullinger, Lee Hanson, Jeff Seelig and Past RE: Curt Faigle.    Absent: Nadeem Bari Guest:  Mike Byington

 Diane Prokopf opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Spazios.  
April’s minutes approved via Yahoo Groups.   

 Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Leavell

Jeff provided an overview of the financials and each programs budget to actual.   

 Program Committee Reports

Solo Committee Report – Lee Hanson

Solo will have their 2nd event of the year on Sunday the 10th.  I’ll update the board at Monday’s meeting how attendance was.

Club Racing Committee Report – Bryon Prokopf

The March race was a loss due to cancels and the weather.  We now have a tech chief.  We might need to cancel November race due to a conflict with racing schedules.

 PDX Committee Report – Chuck DeProw

We are working very hard to improve our program —- to this goal, we are succeeding.  At the last event, one of our customers had such a good time they signed up as a sponsor.  The PDX’s newest sponsor is McDonough-Whitlow P.C. Engineers and Land Surveyors.

Two of the PDX students went to Blackhawk on April 25 and received their competition license.  They are Jim Easley and Glen Johnson.  Both are local drivers.

 New Business:

Mike Byington presented to the board his concerns about our policy with what can and cannot be posted on the region forums.  He would like to be able to advertise paid worker opportunities.  He would like to be able to advertise other club’s racing events on the forum and website. 

 Motion:  Sheila Burkett moved that the board implement a marketing strategy that creates a collaborative communications environment with all car and racing entities across all region communications.  Jeff Leavell seconded.  Motion passed 8 for; 1 opposed.

Website Advertising:  We are sticking with the fact that programs can advertise on their site, but not on the main region site.

Member lists will be given to the program chairs as needed.

 Old Business:

We discussed moving all records and consolidating records into one location.  Diane will pickup all records and will determine what needs to be kept.

 Carol brought to the board’s attention that a member expressed concern for how our minutes reflect individual members. 

Carol Cohn moved, Lee Hanson seconded the meeting be adjourned.  Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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