Board of Directors June 2009

January 17, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

Board of Directors Meeting Spazio’s Restaurant, Westport

June 8, 2009

Board of Directors Attending:

Diane Prokopf Carol Cohn Lee Hanson Jeff Seelig Don Melvin Curt Faigle Dana Hullinger 

Board of Directors Absent:

Sheila Burkett Nadeem Bari Jeff Leavell Program Representatives Attending:

Chuck DeProw Ed Settle Carla Russo Jose Hernadez Ron Ferris

 Old Business               

Representatives of the PDX Program presented a request asking the Board to reconsider the decision that allows posting information about other Club’s events, specifically schedules and dates, on the Region’s Forum.  The Board has received many comments from a wide array of Region members both in favor and against this policy.

Motion to uphold the previous (May, 2009) decision was made by Jeff Seelig.  It was seconded by Carol Cohn.  Five votes in favor, one vote against (Lee Hanson).  Motion carried to continue with the Forum policy as decided in the May, 2009 Board Meeting.

Treasurer’s report:

No Treasurer’s Report was presented.

Program Reports:

All Program Reports approved and accepted by the Board

May Minutes:

May Minutes approved and accepted by the Board

European Car Show:

Thanks to Curt Faigle for organizing the SCCA tent at the St. Louis European Car Show on June 7 and many thanks to Bob Eichelberger, Dana Hullinger, Mike Byington and Mark Huebbe and John Huebbe for bringing their cars and spending the day answering questions and promoting the St. Louis Region SCCA programs.

New Business

 Club Rally Program:

 Ron Ferris presented his plan to conduct a National rally the weekend of August 29th and 30th.  More details to be announced, but the Rally will actually be four National Rallys in a single weekend with the event taking place in Illinois.  Ron also discussed a proposal to conduct a few Club Rallys for the St. Louis Region in 2010 and will develop a more formal plan/proposal over the next few months.

Board of Directors Vacancy:

 The Board of Directors has been notified that Sheila Burkett as resigned as Secretary and will need to fill the vacant position.  Dana Hullinger has agreed to perform the role of recording Secretary temporarily for the remainder of 2009 or until a new Board Member / Secretary is identified.

Program Reports

Rally Cross:

The first event of the season was canceled. The amount of rain that IL received last week proved to be too much for the east grass parking lot of Gateway. The event will be rescheduled for a later date in the year.  The next event is on Sunday June 28th


The PDX had to move its May event to a date to be announced later.  The PDX Plus is July 8th.

Road Race:

Things are on track for the August race.

We have decided to cancel our October event.  We thought long and hard about this and tried to work out many different alternatives but in the end nothing panned out as viable to put on a successful weekend.  Plans are being worked on now with Gateway to better our dates for next year.


Held event #3 on Memorial Day with excellent turnout (116) many of the entrants were new.  We had some computer issues but in spite of that and the torrential rain we didn’t get much negative feedback.  Our next event is June 14th and hopefully the computer issues will all be solved and we will only have to deal with Mother Nature.

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