Board of Directors July 2009

January 17, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

Board of Directors Meeting


Spazio’s Restaurant, Westport

St. Louis, Missouri 

July 13, 2009


Board of Directors Attending:

Carol Cohen

Nadeem Bari

Jeff Leavall

Lee Hanson

Jeff Seelig

Don Melvin

Curt Faigle

Dana Hullinger

Board of Directors Absent:

Diane Prokopf

Program Representatives Attending:

Ron Ferris



Old Business               


St. Louis Region Fair:

The idea of a fall or spring membership fair to highlight the programs of the St. Louis region was raised a few months ago.  Jan Rick and Bryan Sechrist are drafting up ideas and will be invited to the August Board meeting to discuss them more fully.

Monthly Membership Meetings:

The previous decision to end monthly membership meetings based on declining attendance was discussed and reaffirmed.  We will continue to hold the November General Membership meeting to vote on Board Members and Officers as required in our bylaws.

Shelia Burkett’s replacement on the Board:

The Board identified individuals who will be asked if they are interested and willing to fill the Board vacancy created when Shelia resigned from the Board.  Decision will be taken in the August meeting.

Treasurer’s report:

Treasurer’s Report was presented.  Lee Hansen moved to accept the report.  Don Melvin seconded and all voted in favor.

Program Reports:

All Program Reports approved and accepted by the Board.

Road Rally: Ron Ferris presented his plans for the August 28-30 National Rally to be conducted on roads in Southern Illinois.  The Rally HQ will be the Doubletree Hotel in Collinsville.  Curt Faigle will post the Rally info on the Region’s website

Rally-X:  The first event of the year was a success. It was the second scheduled event of the season but the first was canceled due to mud. There were lots of new faces and plenty of fast cars and good drivers. 23 drivers competed and a lot of more people showed up to watch. The weather was perfect with temps in the high 80’s, (given the fact that the days leading up to it were in the upper 90’s)  and we had a nice breeze to cool things off and blow away the dust. The results from the event are on the website.The next event will be in early August. It will be a two day event and more details will be posted to the site soon.

PDX:  The PDX just had its PDX Plus which was a huge success.  Our last event for the year is August 29th.  The 29th is a full day session.

Road Race: Not much is happening at this time.  August is set.  Have had some questions about the cancellation of the October event that the committee has answered.  The plan for 2010 is to get dates set as early as possible.  Waiting to hear from Gateway about dates available to us.  The MiDiv scheduling representative is also asking that all regions submit interested dates as soon as possible as StL is not the only one having difficulty with dates and conflicting schedules with each other.

Solo:  Solo held a charity event for “Fiends of Kids with Cancer” and raised about $1850.00 for them.  PDX donated a $225.00 value towards the silent auction and GIR donated $50.00 towards food as the Gateway worker’s were invited to watch the fireworks with the solo people.  The event was well attended (for a non-points event on a holiday) with 78 entrants many of whom were new to the sport.  There will be another Solo event on July 26 th.

June Minutes:

June Minutes approved and accepted by the Board.

New Business

Region Website:

Curt Faigle reported that the new Region website is about finished and should be up and running soon.  He will provide a demonstration at the August Board meeting.

Road Rally Dates in 2010:

Ron Ferris asked the Board to help identify dates in 2010 for Rally events.  Board will invite Ron to represent Road Rally in the Program schedule planning & alignment activities later this year or early next year.

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