Board of Directors August 2009

January 17, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

Board of Directors Meeting 

Spazio’s Restaurant, Westport

St. Louis, Missouri

August 10, 2009 

Board of Directors Attending:

Diane Prokopf

Carol Cohen

Nadeem Bari

Jeff Leavall

Lee Hanson

Jeff Seelig

Don Melvin 

Board of Directors Absent:

Curt Faigle

Dana Hullinger 


Ron Ferris

Jan Rick

Joe A

Carla Russo

John Huebbe

Bryon Prokopf

Tom Von Hatten 


Old Business                 

St. Louis Region Fair Day:

Jan Rick began her report by stating that in order for the Fair to be successful, it will need the complete support and cooperation of all Board Members as well as all Program Chairs.  Jan is looking to the Board and Program Chairs for specific goals the Fair.  She asked that each Board Member email her with their thoughts and suggestions.  Jan’s email:

Treasurer’s report:

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Jeff Leavall.   

Program Reports: 

Road Rally: Ron Ferris confirmed his plans for the August 28-30 National Rally to be conducted on roads in Southern Illinois.  Ron has posted the event on the national web site.  He has received a total of eight commitments to date.  Carol Cohen suggested that local membership be notified of the event.   

100 Acre Wood: Tom Von Hatten reported that the next event will be February 26-27, 2010 in the Steelville, MO area.  Event plans are still being formed.

Rally-X:  John Hubbe reported that the National Challenge will be help had at Gateway Intl’ this Sunday, August 16, 2009.  Registration will be opened Saturday from 4:00 – 6:00 PM.  The event will begin Sunday at 9:00 AM.        

PDX:  Chuck Deprow:  The last event for the year is August 29th – a full day session.  There will be a happy hour following the event for workers, sponsors and participants.  Please check the web site for information regarding the upcoming event. 

Road Race: Bryon reported that the August race was a great success, despite some rain on Saturday.  He is currently working on a special event in lieu of the cancelled October race.  More to come on that later. 

Solo: Lee Hanson reported that there are two scheduled events in August, the 16th and the 30th.  Please see the Solo web site for details.

July Minutes:

July Minutes approved and accepted by the Board. 


New Business 

2009 Awards Banquet:

Carla Russo reported that the Awards Banquet for the 2009 season will be held on January 16, 2010 at Spazio’s Restaurant at Westport.  The contract for the event was signed by Diane Prokopf and Jeff Leavall.  Carla is currently looking for a guest speaker for the banquet.  She is also considering a silent auction and/or a raffle.  Carla stated that each program will be required to fund their free invites.  Carla asked that ideas and suggestions be emailed directly to her at  Carla will provide the Board with another progress report at the October BoD meeting. 

 Nominating Committee:

Jeff Seelig volunteered to head the nominating committee for the upcoming 2009 elections.

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