Board of Directors September 2009

January 17, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

Board of Directors Meeting 

Spazio’s Restaurant, Westport

St. Louis, Missouri

September 14, 2009 

Board of Directors Attending:

Diane Prokopf

Carol Cohn

Nadeem Bari

Dana Hullinger

Jeff Seelig

Curt Faigle

Board of Directors Absent:

Don Melvin

Jeff Leavall

Lee Hanson


Ron Ferris

Bryon Prokopf

Old Business:                

Treasurer’s report:

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Jeff Leavall via e-mail prior to meeting. 


The By-Laws committee will present the recommended changes to the board in a special meeting to be held at Spazio’s on September 21.  This is an opportunity to read them in their entirety before presenting them to the Region Membership for their acceptance.

Membership Report:

Curt Faigle gave a membership report.  He noted that the Programs are generating a fair amount of “weekend” memberships; 68 over the last 2 months.  We have also had 21 new members join.  Region membership is about 550, down slightly from 2 to 3 years ago.  He is working with the Programs to identify people for follow-up calls to try and convert them to full members.

Program Reports: 

Road Rally: Ron Ferris briefed the outcome of the national rally.  12 cars participated with people coming from as far as Maryland and California.  Ron will work with the other programs to find dates in 2010 for a few regional rallys and a National rally.

100 Acre Wood:  

Rally-X:  The third event of the year was this past weekend on Sunday September 13th. It was our lowest turnout of the season. We had 11 drivers and a handful of spectators. The date was our rainout makeup date from earlier in the year.  The weather was pleasant and everyone enjoyed themselves. The design of the course was one of our longest for the season with times around 60 seconds. Results should be posted to the website sometime this week.  The last event for the year is scheduled for Saturday October 3rd at Gateway.

 PDX:  The PDX last event was August 29th of ‘09.  This event was sold out and great time had by all.  Many of the students were asking if they could sign up for the 2010 season.  In September the PDX will be choosing a new Chair as Chuck will be stepping down.

Road Race: Bryon noted that Gateway has established its schedule of major events for 2010 so the club racing calendar planning can begin once every one returns form the Solo Nationals & the Runoffs.


August Minutes:

August minutes will be sent to the board members again for approval.  

New Business 

Region Bowling Party:

Bryon Prokopf presented a proposal to the Board for the Club Racing Program to host a bowling party for the region later this fall.  Carol Cohn motioned for the proposal, Jeff Seelig seconded and the motion was approved by unanimous vote.  Nadeem Bari motioned that the Board allocate $1,500 to cover the estimated expenses of the bowling party; Jeff Seelig seconded and the motion was approved by unanimous vote.

 Nominating Committee:

Jeff Seelig has been making calls and e-mail contacts and has identified two people who have agreed to stand for election and two who may agree after consideration.  At this time, the proposed list of the 2010 Board of Directors is as follows:

Regional Executive: Diane Prokopf

Assistant Regional Executive: Nadeem Bari

Secretary: Matt Gegen

Treasurer: Jeff Leavall

Members at Large:

Steven Slotten

Jeff Seelig

Current members at large of the Board whose terms continue in 2010 are:

Dana Hullinger  

Don Melvin  

Lee Hanson  

Work will continue to finalize a list of candidates for reach office and members at large. 

Diane Prokopf will work with Shelia Burkett to complete the membership mailings to notify everyone of the date, time and place of the November elections meeting and who the candidates are.

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