Board of Directors October 2009

January 17, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

October Board of Director’s Meeting

October 12, 2009

Spazio’s Resturant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Diane Prokopf

Carol Cohn

Lee Hanson

Jeff Leavell

Curt Faigle

Jeff Seelig

Don Melvin

Dana Hullinger

Directors absent:

Nadeem Bari

Old Business:

August minutes were distributed, read and approved pending spelling corrections prior to posting.  Motion to approve: Lee Hanson; Second: Carol Cohn; Approved unanimously.

September minutes were distributed, read and approved.  Motion to approve: Carol Cohn; Second: Don Melvin; Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer’s report was read, discussed and approved. Treasurer will standardize the monthly reporting format so the Board and Program Budgets are accounted in Fiscal Year with a view of the Program Finances in Calendar Year so the data more closely reflects actual revenue and expenditure patterns.  The process for handling receipt of funds from Temporary Memberships was discussed and while no changes were made to this process, the Treasurer will clarify the process in writing so there is no confusion among the Programs in 2010.  The Treasurer will prepare a recommendation for the 2010 Budget and present it at the November Board meeting.  Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report: Lee Hanson; Second: Jeff Seelig; Approved unanimously.

Program Reports:


Solo – Lee Hanson reported that the Solo Program has two events remaining in 2009 and, after purchase of the year-end trophies, expects to be at break-even or slightly revenue positive for 2009

Club Racing – Reported on plans for November Bowling Party social event

Performance Rally –Tom vonHatten reported by e-mail that work continues for the 2010 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, which will be held on Feb 26-27, 2010.  Our current plan is to use Steelville, MO as the start for Friday’s rally stages, and Saturday’s stages, as well as the overall rally operations, will be based in Salem MO.

At Rally America’s year-end awards banquet, it was announced that the 2009 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood shared the 2009 Rally of the Year award with the Oregon Trail rally.  The two events came up dead-even…and they couldn’t come up with a tie-breaker.

Rally-X – No Official Program Report, but Carol Cohn noted that Mike Byington won his class the second year in a row.  Well Done Mike!

Club Rally – No report.

Membership Committee Report:


Curt Faigle provided a report on membership trends (down from same period 2008) and an increasing trend in the Temporary Memberships.  He is also interviewing temporary membership users to learn what would motivate them to become full members. 

Web Site:


The new Region website is up and running.  Each of the Programs will be asked to designate a focal point to interact with the Webmaster to make sure any content related to their Program area is current, accurate and appropriate. Diane Prokopf will be the Board’s focal point.  A new general membership e-mail addressed will be established so members can easily e-mail the Board of Directors.

New Business:


Annual Awards Banquet:


Carla Russo is chair of the Banquet Committee.

November General Membership Meeting and Annual Meeting:
On November 16th we will conduct a brief General Membership meeting.  At the conclusion of the General Membership meeting, the Annual Meeting will be called for the purpose of electing the new Board Members and reading and approving the By-Law changes. The elections will be conducted first, followed by the reading and approval of the changes to the By-Laws. The new Board of Directors takes office at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.  

Region’s Accounting Firm:


Region received notice that the name of our accounting firm has changed, but the persons servicing our account remain the same.  No changes are anticipated.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm.  Lee Hansen motioned to adjourn; Jeff Leavell Seconded; all in agreement.

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