Annual/Election Nov. 16, 2009

January 17, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

Annual Meeting

7:00 PM

November 16, 2009

Spazio’s Resturant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Diane Prokopf

 Lee Hanson

Jeff Leavell

Jeff Seelig

Dana Hullinger

Curt Faigle

Directors absent:

Don Melvin

Nadeem Bari

Carol Cohn

About 35 members were present for the Annual Meeting

Old Business:

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer’s report was read by Jell Leavell

Program Reports:


Club Racing –The Memphis track has ceased operations, so Gateway will be the first national in the Midwest division in 2010.  The Indianapolis road course has closed also.

Planned events for 2010 (dates and specifics forthcoming):

  • March Regional /National
  • May Double Driver’s School & Double Regional
  • August Regional/National


Performance Rally – 100 Acre Wood shared recognition for Rally of the Year by Rally America.  This is quite an accomplishment and recognition on a national scale is a credit to the members and volunteers who work so hard all year long to produce this event. .   Continuing work on the 2010 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood.  There will be only 6 rallies in the Rally America National Championship and 100 Acre Wood is one of them.  The season will end in June/July in New England.  Regional rallies will continue through near the end of the year.

Rally-X – Steve Slotten recognized Mike Byington for his second (in a row) Rally-X national championship.

New Business:


Annual Awards Banquet:


Carla Russo gave an update of the banquet plans and the Board announced that meal costs for members will be paid by the Region.

Election of Board of Directors and Officers:
Results of the elections of Board of Directors and Officers:

Regional Executive:

Candidate: Lee Hansen

Candidate: Diane Prokopf (Elected)


Assistant Regional Executive:

Candidate: Jan Rick (Elected)

Candidate: April Schnardthorst


Candidate: David Scharndthorst

Candidate: Lynn Wilson (Elected)


Candidate: Kaylee Hanson

Candidate: Jell Leavell (elected)

Member at Large:

Candidate: Susan Anderson (Elected)

Candidate: Bruce Stephens

Candidate: Jose Hernadez

Candidate: Steve Slotten (Elected)

Candidate: April Schnardthorst

Candidate: David Scharndthorst

The 2010 Sports Car Club of St. Louis, Inc. Board of Directors are:

Regional Executive:                            Diane Prokopf

Assistant Regional Executive:            Jan Rick

Secretary:                                           Lynn Wilson

Treasurer:                                           Jeff Leavell

Members at Large:                             Susan Anderson

                                                            Steve Slotten

                                                            Lee Hanson

                                                            Don Melvin

                                                            Dana Hullinger

Proposal to Amend the By-Laws of the Sports Car Club of St. Louis, Inc.:

A proposal to amend the club by-laws was presented to the membership for their approval.  About 30 members participated in the discussion and clarification of the proposed changes and their intent.  Questions were raised about the remaining steps fo the process that need to be taken in order to ensure that the resulting by-laws are in agreement with the State of Missouri and with Internal Revenue Service laws and regulations governing our not-for-profit status.

Jose Hernadez motioned that the members vote on the proposed changes as a whole document instead of a section-by-section reading and voting.  Carla Russo seconded the motion.  The motion was carried by a show of hands.

Jose Hernadez motioned that the members vote yes or no on the question of the proposed amendments to the by-laws.  Carla Russo seconded the motion.  The proposed amendments to the By-Laws were rejected by a show of hands.

The membership and the Board members present agreed to use the remaining time to discuss the more salient points of the proposed amendments in order to better understand the membership’s concerns, question and recommendations. 

Another revision of the by-laws will be produced based on the evening’s discussion with attention to the following:

  • Ensure the next revision is vetted by legal counsel for legal and regulatory approval prior to submitting to the membership for approval;
  • Re-incorporate the Absentee Ballot provision in Article 2, Section 11;
  • Improve language in Article 2, Section 4 regarding electronic transmission of notices and make provisions for membership to indicate their preferred method of notice;
  • Re-examine the Election of Directors and Term of Office in Article 3, section 2 for the following recommendations:
    • Two Year Terms
    • Staggered (one-year) terms of office  for RE and Secretary  and Assistant RE and Treasurer (Keep RE and Treasurer on separate cycle because they co-sign checks)
    • Keep Members at Large to 5
    • Add the Program Chairs (or Designees) as Full Voting Members
    • Total size of Board would be 14 members
  • Review Article 4, Directors, Program Chairs and Assistants to determine if the language is too specific.  The by-laws should be more generic and the specificity about roles and duties included in an Operating Manual.  This would create the requirements for an Operating Manual;
  • Can we modify to gender-neutral language?
  • Change voting age in Article 2, Section 12 to read “…Twelve (12) years of Age..”


This will require a fairly significant level of effort.  The Proposed amendments will be returned to the By-Laws Committee.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30.

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