Board of Directors December 2009

January 17, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA Board of Director’s Meeting December 14th, 2009

Spazio’s Resturant, St. Louis, Missouri

 Directors in attendance:

Diane Prokopf Jan Rick Lynn Wilson Jose Hernandez Steve Slotten Susan Anderson  

Directors absent: Lee Hanson Jeff Leavell Dana Hulinger

Guests: Scott Rose Tony Shamoon

 These minutes may not be in chronological order.

 Old Business:

 November minutes were  approved previously via the BoD Yahoo group.

 2009 Awards Banquet-  There was discussion about the effect of having members attend free of charge on the finances of the Region was discussed extensively.

Jose made a motion to rescind the previous decision to make the awards banquet free for St. Louis Region members ($30 for non-members) and instead charge everyone $15.  Lynn seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

 Bylaws- The rejected bylaw changes were discussed.  We will select another committee to rewrite the bylaws.  Changes will be approved by legal counsel and a CPA prior to being submitted to the membership for a vote.

 Treasurer’s Report:

Jeff Leveall posted the current financial reports on the Yahoo site.  Those in attendance discussed the reports.  It was decided that there should be a special BoD meeting in January to discus the finances and 2010 budget.

 Program budgets are due to the Board by February 1st.

 Program Reports:

Solo – No report.

 Club Racing – No report. 

 Performance Rally – No report.

 Rally-XNo report.  

Club Rally – No report.

 Membership Committee Report – Steve Slotten is the new membership Chairman, replacing Curt Faigle.

New Business:

 Drifting Presentation-  Scott Rose and Tony Shamoon made a presentation on the possibility of adding a drifting program to the Region’s programs.  GIR will no longer support their program.  Scott and Tony indicated that there are about 60 active drifters in the St. Louis area.  They have 10 candidates to form a drifting committee.  They wish to have five event.  Two on the parking lot and three on the road course.

 The board asked them to provide a prospective budget, rules and safety proposal.

 Midiv calendar-  The calendar for the Division was discussed. 

 Conference calls- Diane gave the board information about the RE and Midiv conference calls.  RE calls mostly concern membership acquisition and retention.  Midiv calls are about Club race scheduling.


 National Convention:  The Region usually pays the the RE to attend.  However, Diane is unable to get time off from work.  Jan, Jose and Lynn will attend.  Susan made a motion that the money that would have been spent to send the RE be divided in thirds and paid to Jan, Jose and Lynn provided that they represent the Region at various meetings.  Jan seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

 Midiv Convention:  The Board discussed the possibility of paying for Diane to attend the Midiv Convention in Kansas City.

 Forum Moderators- Curt Faigle wishes to be replaced as forum moderators.  Jan and Lynn will replace him.  An additional moderator will be named later.

Website- Program chairmen will designate a POC to send items to Jaime Leavell for posting in the website.

BoD members to have access to the website in order to upload pertinent items.

Yahoo Group- The Yahoo Group will be used for the Board to vote on issues between meeting if necessary.

BoD members must commit to checking their email or the Yahoo Group every 48 hours or less.

Email Blasts-  Jan will produce monthly email blasts.  These will be called Wheelspin and will be the official Region newsletter.

The Wheelspin will contain: 

  1. A brief financial report.
  2. An RE report
  3. Program reports
  4. National SCCA news.
  5. A membership report.

 Monthly Socials- Jan proposed that we institute monthly socials on the third Monday of each month.  These will be informal social occasions and not formal membership meetings.  Each social will have a topic presentation for members to dicuss, or they can just hang out.  The socials will be at Spazio’s unless someone suggest a better site.  Children will be welcome.  They will be from 6 to 8, but member are welcome to arrive and depart at their leisure.

Taskings- Lynn will notify Katie one week in advance of Board meeting.


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