Dave Whitworth-MiDiv Spirt of Solo

February 21, 2010


This year, the Midwest Solo Community lost a dear friend in Sam Scharnberg. With Sam, the solo community enjoyed years of leadership, guidance and friendship. Momma Sam molded our Divisional program and nurtured those in the wings.

A stone engraved with the following was presented to Sam’s family.  Kiersten, Tim and Michael were at the Midwest Convention banquet to receive this.  Sam’s husband< greg was not able to attend.

Emcee Donna Hill said “I am honored to present you with this stone symbolizing the rock and foundation that we – as individuals and as a community – all loved, honored and respected, your wife, your mother and your grandma.”

The stone reads:


In memory of Sam Scharnberg, the MidWest Division SCCA solo community honors her for her vision and commitment to the solo program, her mentorship and, most important, her friendship. Her far-reaching contributions and example provide guidance and inspiration to those following, and those to come.

 Donna went on to then present the FIRST Sam Scharnberg MiDiv Spirit of Solo Award.

 Here is her presentation:

 Several years before Sam “retired” as our Divisional Steward, she was contacted by a region who wanted to do a Divisional event – a region that had not done one for many years. Most of this region’s leaders had moved or faded into occasional autocrossers. The solo chairman had not chaired a large event. Sam was concerned that she needed someone with a lot of experience to chair this region’s Divisional effort. Sam contacted one of region’s experienced soloists and offered the event if that person would chair it.

That person agreed as long as the assignment would include a co-chairman of a younger person who also had a passion for our solo program.  

This person put together a team of the younger, new solo people AND the older solo people who had experience. He led that team to an event with new ideas and lots of experience that made it an excellent event, which won the Divisional of the Year.

Sam began looking for someone to mentor and teach all her years of solo knowledge. She found it in this person who showed how well he could handle this divisional event. He spent time with Sam and learned everything he could from her about what makes a great Divisional event and series.

He has been a recipient of the MiDiv Worker of the Year award. He has supported the Divisional Solo program exactly as Sam designed. Heck – he and his wife named their daughter Sam after someone very special to them. He has been a true mentor to me, personally. And I am HONORED to present this inaugural Sam Scharnberg Midiv Spirit of Solo Award to one of the most appreciative students Sam Scharnberg ever taught, Dave Whitworth.   

Congratulations to Dave Whitworth, of the St. Louis Region SCCA as the 2009 winner of the MIDIV SPIRIT OF SOLO AWARD


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