Solo Novice School March 13

March 2, 2010



 Saturday March 13, Sunday March 14, Gateway International Raceway.

 COST $125.00

 SCCA Members and Non-Members


 The St. Louis Region SCCA Solo Drivers School is an introduction to competitive autocross and performance driving. The goal of the school is to provide students with the essential information to get an effective start in the sport of autocross. It consists of three parts: an evening classroom session, a driving school and entry in St. Louis Solo Series Event #1.

 The classroom session will be at Spazios in Westport on Tuesday March 9  at 6:30 PM. The driving school will be on Saturday March 13. It will begin at approximately 7:30 AM with registration and a brief drivers meeting. Students will then receive one-on-one instruction by top autocross drivers from the St. Louis Region of the SCCA. The school will conclude by about 4:30 PM. Lunch will be provided. The cost of the school also includes entry in St. Louis Solo Series Event No. 1 on Saturday March 14. The Sunday autocross event will follow the standard schedule of all St. Louis Region Solo series events. Please see for the series Supplemental Regulations.

 Registration and Cost

 Entry to the 2010 Novice Autocross School is limited to 30 drivers.

 Eligible drivers should have competed in no more than five previous solo events with any club. Registration opens online at midnight February 1. On line registration is through

 Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once the school is full, a waiting list will be maintained. Should someone withdraw, the vacancy will be filled from the waiting list.

 The SCCA requires membership for all participants. Non-members will be required to complete a temporary membership form at the event.

 You car will be numbered by the organizers. As a non-competitive event, car classification is not required. For Event One drivers will be required to have legal numbers and car classifications on their car. Again, please review the Series Supplemental regulations on

 All participants must complete the standard SCCA insurance waiver at registration on the day of the event. Participants under the age of 18 must complete the standard SCCA insurance waiver for minors. This waiver requires signatures of both parents (allowances for single parents) and is available online at

 Refund Policy

 If for any reason you cannot attend the Novice Autocross School, please cancel your online registration as soon as possible. There is usually a waiting list for participants and we will attempt to fill your space. There are no refunds for no-shows. A credit will be issued if cancellation is received by the Registrar and the credit will be available for use during checkout of other events.  You may also contact the Registrar at or 636-344-0126 prior to midnight Sunday March 7.

 For more information, contact the event chair,

 Bryan Sechrist (preferred method of communication)  314-725-5571

 How to set up your account

 The St Louis Region Solo Program is using’s registration system. Even if you plan to register for events by mail rather than online, please create an account at  The club uses your account to control other aspects of administration.  Your account in the system will require an email address.  If you have an email address, no problem.  If you do not have an email address, a fake email address may be used with this format: (example  The fake email address is not a real email address.  You cannot use it to send or receive emails.  It is used only to create your account in the system. 

 Please note:  The email address you use to set up your account is the e-mail address that we will use to contact you.  If your email address changes in the future, please change it in your profile.

 Go to ·         Click the blue “Create an account now!” in the box on the right side of the screen.

  • ·         Enter the data requested and click “Continue” ·         Fill in the required information to set up your profile as well as designate a user ID and password for future access to the account then click “Continue”

     ·         Enter your vehicle information (as much as you want) and click “Continue”

     ·         To finish, type in a description of your experience and click the “Create My Account” button at the bottom of the screen

     When the next screen appears, you are on the default “Dashboard” showing upcoming events in all areas. 

     ·         Click the “My Account” tab

     ·         You can edit or add to your information in this screen.

           Under “Club Memberships” click “Add Club” and select a club to add yourself to (you will want your Member # if you are a member).  Click “Save memberships”.

     ·         Now when you view your “Dashboard”, your view is filtered to show only those clubs for which you are a member.  In addition, on your “Calendar” view, you can search within your clubs.

     ·         Repeat the above steps to add other clubs.

     How to register online for the Novice School using a credit card

     To register online for the Novice School you must have already created an account at  If you have not, refer to How to set up your account in the Novice School information on and create a account. After logging into, click on “Calendar” and you can search for the event.

     ·         Click on the green “Register!” button to the right of the event.

     ·         Confirm that you have selected the correct event and click “Continue”.

     ·         Review the event requirements before clicking “Continue” again.

     ·         Enter the requested information and also select your car, number, and class for event f3, then click “Preview Order”.

     ·         Enter your payment information and click “Charge My Credit Card” at the bottom of the screen.  Note that there are other payment options to explore, just follow the instructions.

     ·         You will be presented with a receipt when the transaction is finished processing.

     If for any reason you cannot attend the Novice Autocross School contact the event Registrar as soon as possible. There is usually a waiting list for participants and we will attempt to fill your space.

     Note that there are no refunds for no-shows.  A refund will be issued if cancellation is received by

    the Registrar at or 636-244-0126 prior to midnight Sunday March 7.   You may view the onscreen entry list by going to your Dashboard page and clicking “See who else is attending”.

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