Social Mon 3-15 Spazio’s

March 10, 2010

The NEW St. Louis Region Monthly  MAKE IT EASY, MAKE IT FUN Socials
The St. Louis Region SCCA is going to be holding monthly Make it Easy, Make it Fun Socials at Spazio’s,
12931 Lackland Road, 314-576-0400.
There are NOT meetings, but Socials!     They are EASY & FUN!
So… You say, ” what is a social?”  

Well it is NOT A BORING MEETING. It is face to face time for friendship with others who enjoy having and nurturing a sports car addiction.  It is 12 steps of how to grow that addiction with current and possibly new friends. 
It is a “hello”, it is a “what tires are you going to use this season?”  It is a place to talk about your new car, or ask others how to set up your shocks. Or it is a time and place to invite that co-worker that is interested in cars to meet others with the same interests.
Think of it as a time and place to come, maybe have dinner, maybe have a drink or a cookie, maybe bring the kids (of all ages) and see some car friends.
It is informal.  No dress code, no membership required, just a friendly smile and some car talk. 
The Region will offer a BIT of info IF anyone wants it or needs it. But, we promise NO BORING MEETING JUNK. Mostly it is a place to come and do a little bench racing, enjoy some friendship, maybe see an old friend or maybe even make a new friend.  So come on by on the 3rd Monday of each month.
March 15, 2010

Make it Easy, Make it Fun with STL Region SCCA” – Social, Dinner (if you chose, come right from work, Spazio’s is open all afternoon).

 We will MAKE IT EASY to learn how to get into racing with the St. Louis Region Club Racing Committee presenting (in the conference room) 

 How to get started in SCCA Road Racing!  

Do you want to go club racing and not sure how to go about it?

 This can be a very difficult process but we want to help you “Make it easy and make it fun”.  Come to the St. Louis Region Social at Spazio’s on March 15 at 6:00pm and have all your questions answered.  We will have people on hand who have actually gone through this process and will help make your transition as easy as possible. 

If you want to go club racing this is a must attend event.

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