Board of Directors Feb 2010

April 13, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

February Board of Director’s Meeting

February 8th, 2010

 Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

 Directors in attendance: Diane Prokopf, Jan Rick, Lynn Wilson, Jose Hernandez, Steve Slotten, Susan Anderson, Jeff Leavell, Dana Hullinger,  

Directors absent: Lee Hanson

 Guests: Robert Phelan, Dave Jones, Julia Briggen, Carla Russo, Carol Cohn, Bryon Prokopf, Ron Ferris, Tom Vonhatten, 

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Old Business:

Treasurer’s Report:

Jeff Leavell presented 2010 budget.  Jose moved to accept the 2010 budget.  Jan seconded.  Passed.

There are issues with dues payments from the National Office.

St. Louis Region dues have not been raised in many years and are the lowest of comparably sized regions.  Jan moved to raise the region dues by $5.  Lynn seconded.  Passed.

As agreed at the last meeting, the program fee will be 6% for 2010.

The board discussed whether all programs should have their own checking accounts, or whether there should be just one Region account,

Program Reports:

Solo – Carla presented the 2010 Solo budget.  The schedule includes an Evolution driving school, a novice school, 10 points events, a test and tune and a year end event.

The Solo Advisory Committee wishes to produce a video on how to start autocrossing.  Discussion of this video lead to the potential to include other region programs.  Estimated cost less than $1000.

Club Racing – Bryon presented the 2010 Club Racing Budget.  Bryon says our entry fees are the lowest in Midiv.  The board discussed entry fees.  The board also discussed the possibility of finding sponsorship for the Club Racing program.

Performance Rally –Tom presented the budget for the 2010 100 Acre Wood Rally.  Currently there are 31 entries with more entries expected.  Tom is trying to a regional Pro Rally for September.  50 to 55 entries will result in breakeven or a small profit.

Rally-X – Steve reported the possibility of using the Lynch Hummer facility for a RallyCross..  

Road Rally – Ron presented a road rally schedule four or five events.  He will send a budget in the next few days.The local rallies should breakeven at 5 cars.  The National rally should make a small profit.

 PDX– Carla presented the 2010 PDX budget.  There will be four Wednesday afternoon, and one Thursday afternoon PDX’s and 2 Saturday events.  There will be a Club Trials event to be held the Friday morning of the double school, double regional race.

 Other Business:

 Membership Committee Report – None.

Drifting-  Jose will meet with the drifting group on Wednesday.

Conventions- Jan, Jose and Lynn attended.  The board discussed what they learned at the convention.  There was a discussion of having a meeting to disseminate that information.Information on the MiDiv convention will be forthcoming.

Banquet 2010- Carla and Jan will chair.  It will be held on January 15th, 2011 and celebrate St. Louis Regions 60th anniversary.

Website- Each program is responsible for their own website.  There is a need to improve the calendar on the Region website.

Social Events- There was additional discussion about the monthly socials.

Email Blasts/Wheelspin- Ted Haines sent an email asking why he wasn’t receiving them.  Jan found that he has opted out through his email address.  The new issue of Wheelspin is almost ready.

Tech-O-Rama- Dave Jones requested $375 from the general fund for the Tech-O-Rama at Lynch Hummer.  Dave also made a presentation on the format of the day and the vendors to be involved.  There will be many fine prizes for the drawing.  The dynomometer will be available.

New Business:

Charity donation- Jan moved to make a donation of $100 to the SCCA foundation in honor of all region members who have passed away.  This replaces the $50 donation voted on last month.  Steve seconded.  Passed.

Midwest Division Convention-The Region will pay for the Regional Executive to attend.

Board member replacement-Lee Hanson has resigned as a board member.  Potential replacements were discussed.

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