Board of Directors March 2010

April 14, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA

March Board of Director’s Meeting

March 8th, 2010

Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

 Directors in attendance:  Diane Prokopf Jan Rick Lynn Wilson Jose Hernandez Steve Slotten Susan Anderson Chuck Deprow  

Directors absent: Jeff Leavell Dana Hullinger

Guests: April Scharndthorst Mark Bowyer

 These minutes may not be in chronological order.

 Old Business:

 February Minutes:  Jose moved to approve the minutes of the February BoD meeting with corrections.  Jan seconded.  Passed

 Treasurer’s Report:

 Jeff Leavell was unable to attend.  The financial reports posted to the BoD Yahoo group were discussed. 

 Tom Vonhatten’s membership has lapsed.  He must be a member to sign checks.

 Jose moved that the Solo and Performance Rally checking accounts have the Regional Executive and the Treasurer as signatories.  Chuck seconded.  Passed.

 Discussed insurance coverage provided by Rally America for the Region sponsored rallies

 Program Reports:

 Solo – April Schardthorst reports 3 new members joined at the February social.  The Solo budget is negative because Gateway has been paid for the first half of the season,  March events are the Evolution School March 5-6, the novice school/event 1 on March 13-14, and event 2 on March 27.

 A St. Charles County police officer has requested that we have a charity event for the Backstoppers.  There is interest among officers from various departments.  The officers will compete in their squad cars.  The officer has arranged free advertising on 93.7 The Bull.  Date TBA.  Lee Hanson is working with the officer.

 The Solo Advisory Committee wishes to produce a video on how to start autocrossing.  April presented a draft script.  Mark Bowyer, of the video company. discussed production issues.  The Board told April the SAC could make a video, but the Region would not pay for it. 

 Club Racing – Bryon Prokopf submitted a report.  There will be small increase in entry fees for the May double school/double regional.  AVRG and KVRG to provide assistance and share the expected financial loss.  Next race March 27-28.  Sanction received for May race.  Working with Dave Jones on the Tech-O-Rama and the PDX committee for the Club Trials on the Friday of the May race.

 Performance Rally –Tom Vonhatten reports the 2010 100 Acre Wood Rally ws successfully concluded.  The next event is prep work for the 2011 100AW.

Rally-X – John Huebbe reports that the program has  not done a budget, but it should be similar to last year.  No dates have been chosen.  The program needs help from members to chair events, and to be the program secretary and treasurer.

Road Rally –No report.  First event is April 11.

 PDX– Jose Hernandez reports the 2010 was approved at the February PDX committee meeting and has been submitted to the Region treasurer.  Annual tech will be part of the Tech-O-Rama at Lynch Hummer.  The first half day event is April 15 and the first full day event is May 8.

 Other Business:

 Membership Report – Steve reported the Region has 551 members.  There are 3 new members.  We have 100% retention since the last membership report from the National office.

 Drifting-  We have offered the drifting group a test day during a weekday PDX.  They have been given our costs.  Gateway is behind it.  We are awaiting further information from the drifting group.

 Website- Discussed the necessary content of the Region’s website.  We feel it must have a calendar, points of contact for each program, and a section on how to get involved.  Discussed how to manage the website.  Discussed whether we should stay with a volunteer web designer or hire a pro.  Kyle Rhode designed the Kansas City Region website.

 Jan moved to publish the phone numbers of the persons giving individual approval on the website.  Jose seconded.  Passed

 Social Events- Bryon Prokopf will be available to talk with people about how to to road racing at the March 15 social at Spazio’s.

 Tech-O-Rama-  Dave Jones requested the Board to provide two memberships for new members to give away at this event.  Quoting from Dave’s email of March 7. “Please authorize the raffle of at least two new memberships. Here is my personal guarantee – if St. Louis Region doesn’t have at least ten new member registration on March 20th, not counting the two free ones, I will personally pay for one free membership myself.” 

 Jose moved to supply 2 memberships subject to the above quote.  Steve seconded.  Passed.

 Bylaws-  The board decided to table any changes to the bylaws for now.

 New Business:

 BoD vacancy-  Diane appointed Chuck Deprow to the Board to replace Lee Hanson.

 Solo Activities Committee-  Diane appointed April Schnardthorst Chair of the SAC.

Region Video- Board discussed whether to expand the scope of the proposed

Solo video to include all Region programs.  The Board feels that the video should be more marketing oriented.  It should be less of a how do I do this and more why I should do this.

 Charity donation/SCCA Foundation- Jan moved to make a annual donation of $100 to the SCCA Foundation in tribute to any and all life changing events for all members of the Region.  Steve seconded.  Passed.

 Stickers- Round stickers cost 36¢ each for an order of 1000.  SPS will design stickers.

 Records Storage- The board discussed the need to find storage for our financial records.  Several options were discussed.

 Street Survival-  Kevin Brown has volunteered to chair a Tirerack Street Survival School.  The committed will be Bob Mondschein, Dana Hullinger,  Steve Slotten, Jan Rick and Chuck Deprow.  They will meet March 29.  The local BMW club is taking us under their wing.  The proposed date is October 30.

 Awards- Jan made a motion that a person must be an annual member of the Region by December 1 in order to win any award earned in that year.  Lynn seconded.  Passed.

 Jose moved to adjourn.  Lynn seconded.  Passed

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