BoD Minutes April, 2010

September 16, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
April Board of Director’s Meeting
April 12th, 2010
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Diane Prokopf
Jan Rick
Lynn Wilson
Jose Hernandez
Steve Slotten
Susan Anderson
Chuck Deprow
Jeff Leavell

Directors absent:

Dana Hullinger


Dave Jones
Julia Briggen

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Old Business:

March Minutes: Not approved. Many revisions needed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Financial reports were posted to Yahoo Group. Fiscal year 2009 Profit and Loss statement is not complete because final numbers for the 100 Acre Wood Rally have not yet been reported. Preliminary numbers indicate the March road race lost between $2000 and $3000. We still need to get the RE and Treasurer on the Solo and Performance Rally checking accounts as signatories as approved by the BoD at the March meeting

Program Reports:

Solo – April Schardthorst reports the Novice School was very successful and almost all of the participants returned for event 1 the next day, March 24. There were 104 entrants for the first event. The second event on March 27 had 134 entrants which is the most in a long time. We had several Soloists join SCCA at the Tech-O-Rama and 2 more at Event 2.

The budget is still in the red because of the advance payment of half the season’s lot rental to Gateway. The Evolution School exceed expectation and brought in an extra $700+ pending review by the Solo program treasurer. No major expenditures are planned.

The next event is April 18.

A St. Charles County police officer has requested that we have a charity event for the Backstoppers. There is interest among officers from various departments. The officers will compete in their squad cars. The officer has arranged free advertising on 93.7 The Bull. Tentative date is June 27. Lee Hanson is working with the officer.

The Solo Advisory Committee wishes to produce a video on how to start autocrossing. April presented a draft script. Mark Bowyer, of the video company. discussed production issues. The Board told April the SAC could make a video, but the Region would not pay for it.

Club Racing – The first race of the year was a Regional/National on March 27 & 28. The number of entrants was down from previous years, but the number of entrants for subsequent races at Hallett and MAM are also down. This is a nationwide trend and the National office has formed a Planning Committee to address the issue.

Dave Jones has been added to the Road Race Committee.
Sponsors are being pursued to help make up losses because of the low entries. Cobalt Brakes is a sponsor and more are expected by the next race. We may have to raise entry fees for the August race.
The next race is a Double Drivers School/Double Regional on May 14-16. The PDX program will be holding a Club Trials on the morning of the 14th, while the students are in the classroom.
While discussing the Club Racing report, the BoD talked about the possibility of giving discounts on entry fees based on the distance an entrant travels to our races.

Performance Rally – We are still closing out the expenses for the 2010 100 Acre Wood Tom Vonhatten will be visiting Steelville, Viburnum, Potosi and Salem later this month to make charitable donations. The donations are covered in the 100 AW budget.

The performance rally program would like to add 2 short regional level rallies in Perry County later this year. Tom will be meeting with the Perry County Commissioners on the 15th. These events would be sanctioned by Rally America and covered by their insurance.

Rally-X – No report was sent to the BoD. Jan Rick was working with the Rally-X program to get dates from Gateway. Gateway has declined to rent the Green lot for Rally-X. Steve will look into other sites.

Road Rally –No report. First event was April 11.

PDX– Annual tech was held at the Tech-O-Rama at Lynch Hummer. 30 annual tech inspections were done. The first half day event is April 15 and the first full day event is May 8.

Other Business:

Membership Report – Steve reported the Region has 590 members. He also says that the National Office is slow in getting membership cards sent to new members.

Drifting- We have offered the drifting group a test day during a weekday PDX. They have been given our costs. Gateway is behind it. We are awaiting further information from the drifting group. They have been a very informal group and it is taking them a while to get organized.

Website- We need to get contact phone numbers of the website. There have been some complaints that the site is hard to navigate. Some feel the site should be designed for first timers. The road race committee has no access to their website and has been trying to get Jamie Leavell to fix this. Discussed how to manage the website. Discussed whether we should stay with a volunteer web designer or hire a pro. No decision made.

Social Events- The next social is April 19. Bruce Stephens is be available to talk about the PDX program.

Records Storage- The Region’s records will be stored at Storage Bank on Morth Highway Drive in Fenton. The unit is 3’ deep, 6‘ wide, and about 4’ tall. Cost is $21 dollars per month on a month to month basis. 636-349-3239

Stickers- Rectangular stickers were submitted for approval. Some changes were made to the design. Cost is $429 for 1000 stickers.

Lynn moved to purchase the stickers from SPS subject to the BoD approval of the revised design. Jose seconded. Passed with Jan abstaining.

Street Survival- Kevin Brown has volunteered to chair a Tirerack Street Survival School. The committee is Bob Mondschein, Dana Hullinger, Steve Slotten, Jan Rick and Chuck Deprow. They had a productive meeting on March 29. The committee will shadow the BMW club Street Survival School on May 22. Tirerack will reimburse all costs of the school. Sponsors are being pursued to pay for lunches are other expenses. Date is October 30.

Tech-O-Rama- Dave Jones and Julia Briggen presented ending financials for the event. The final cost was $365.78 which is well within the $500 budget previously approved by the BoD. The BoD would like to make the Tech-O-Rama an annual event. We would prefer to have it in February and to start planning it early than we did this year. The donation to Backstopper was made. There was discussion about how to use the “worker fund” money. Terry Gilven of Hoosier would like to figure out how to grow the fund, and find ways to share it across the programs.

Region Video- No further action taken at this time.

New Business:

Elections- The current board needs to discuss if the current members will stand for re-election. Members need to make their decisions by June.

Forums- Discussed whether other organizations should advertise on our forum. After a lengthy debate, the current policy was not changed. No formal vote was taken.

Jose moved to adjourn. Lynn seconded. Passed

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