BoD Minutes June, 2010

September 16, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
June Board of Director’s Meeting
June 14th, 2010
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Diane Prokopf
Jan Rick
Lynn Wilson
Jose Hernandez
Steve Slotten

Directors absent:

Susan Anderson
Chuck Deprow
Jeff Leavell
Dana Hullinger



These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Old Business:

May Minutes: Jan moved to approve the May minutes. Jose seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Jeff was not present, but he posted the financial statements on the Yahoo group site.
Club Racing lost about $3200 on the double school/double regional.
Solo shows a loss due to paying lot rental to Gateway in advance.
BoD wants a financial review at the June BoD meeting with Jeff and the program chairs.
There is a problem with bills being paid because they are not being sent to the program treasurers. Discussed hiring a bookkeeper.

Program Reports:

Solo – April Schardthorst reports 96 entrants for the May 9th event and 105 for the Mat 23rd event. Two new members joined. There was a serious error at the May 9th event. The Chief of Safety and the event Solo Safety Steward failed to ensure that the insurance certificate for the event was in their possession and posted in the trailer. Measures to prevent this from happening again have been put in place. Both individuals attend the SSS training seminar on May 24th where the proper procedures were discussed at length. The program financial statements show a $7000 loss because all of the lot rental fees have been paid to Gateway. Attendance is ahead of the numbers used for the budget, so the program should show a profit for the year. There will be a Test N Tune on June 12th and our sixth points event on June 13th. The charity event for the Back-Stoppers is on hold because of lack of interest by law enforcement agencies.

Club Racing – The Double Drivers School/Double Regional was held on May 14-16. Attendance for the school was what was expected and the Region has five newly licensed drivers. The entries for the Regional races were much lower than expected. The weather was poor with rain most of the weekend. Many costs were cut for this event. The financial participation of the KVRG and the AVRG was greatly appreciated. Their assistance reduced to loss on the event incurred by the Region. Barrett Braun has resigned from the committee. A replacement is being sought. The next race is a Regional/National/IT Tour on July 31 and August 1. There will be “Challenge” race for SRF”s on Sunday. The fourth annual DASH race will be Saturday afternoon.

Performance Rally – The preliminary route for the 2011 100 Acre Wood is being formulated. Tom is working with the US Forest Service on a new 5 year Forest Use Permit. Tom will be in Salem on June 21 to meet with US Representative Jo Ann Emerson and other local leaders. The meeting is to try to get the USFS to allow the use of roads and trails not current ceded to the counties as special stages.

Rally-X – Still looking for a site. The budget will be update when a new site is found.

Road Rally –No report.

PDX– The May 8th event did not sell out and will lose about $1200. Attendance was probably down because it was Mother’s Day weekend and school graduations. The May 14th Club Trials lost $1800. The Club Trials failed because of 3 main reasons. First, the date and time of the event. It was held on a Friday morning. Second, It was not a true Club Trials with competition. There were no class competition and no trophies.

Drifting- No report.

Other Business:

Membership Report – Steve reported the Region has 623 members and two propects.

Website- Ask Jaime at the August meeting if files can be posted on our website in place of or in addition to Yahoo. Discussions will remain on Yahoo Groups instead of moving to Google Wave.

Social Events- Social events continue at Sapzio’s on the third Monday of the month
June- Dave Whitworth speaks about chassis and suspension
July- Lynn Wilson discusses how to go to Nationals.
August- Sponsorship

Street Survival- Kudos to the BMW club for their assistance in helping us start our program. Many Region members will be at their September school as instructors and to observe how the put it on. Our school will be October 30.

Elections- Discussion of who will stand for re-election and how to notify members via Wheelspin.

New Business:


Jose moved to adjourn. Jan seconded. Passed

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