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October 13, 2010

St. Louis Region SCCA – 2011 Election

Candidates for Region Executive

Steven Burkett
I have been a St. Louis Region member since 1999. I have served on the BoD as Assistant RE and as a member at large, as well as the Solo Committee and Club Racing committees. I have participated in RallyCross and PDX, and both in Club Racing and Solo II as a national level competitor. I have designed Solo courses, chaired Solo and Club Racing events, worked corners and course marshaled at club races, instructed at PDX’s and driver’s schools, and I’ve built and maintained race cars for Solo, Club, Rally Cross and Performance Rally. I know what our club is about, and I have the experience and drive to conscientiously and effectively perform the duties of Regional Executive.
I believe that St. Louis Region has a problem, and that problem is that we simply aren’t having as much fun that we used to, and certainly not as much as we should. We can blame it on the economy, or on increased competition, even on poor leadership at the divisional and national level. But the fact is that none of those things should be stopping us from growing, from having big events, and from sharing the excitement and successes of our many great activities with the St. Louis area and with one another. Most importantly, we aren’t leveraging our biggest asset – the diversity of our programs and the strength of our family.
We can grow this club and have more fun by working together. I want to see every event become a St. Louis region event. We need a showcase event each year that brings all of our activities together and we need to generate publicity and excitement in the local media. We need to bring in new sponsors who recognize the thrill of our sport and want to be a part of the excitement. We need to extend our charitable activities in new ways, not just by giving dollars, but by integrating charity into what we do. Most of all we need to embrace new ideas and our leadership must eliminate “we can’t” from its vocabulary. Fun is contagious, family is infectious, camaraderie is why we exist as an organization. Let’s pull together and grow together, and have more fun in the process.
My e-mail address is, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line with any questions or suggestions!

Janice Rick
My name is Janice Rick and I am seeking election to the office of Region Executive for the St. Louis Region SCCA. As a current member of the Board of Directors (BoD) and a past RE and board member, I am fully aware of the current challenges that face the St. Louis Region and I feel that I can be an asset in leading the region for 2011. I want to turn challenges into opportunities for the members of the St. Louis Region SCCA.
Last year, as a candidate, I promised, if elected, to work diligently with the entire Board of Directors on several key areas and here are the results of those campaign promises.
1. The BoD is meeting with the St. Louis Region Program Managers on a regular basis and discussing their programs in areas including: planning, fiscal accountability and communications with the region and other programs.
2. The BoD increased communication with the members monthly via an emailed newsletter. I took responsibility to gather the information and prepare the newsletter for emailing on a monthly basis and ensure it emailed on schedule.
3. There were news articles posted on the region website at on regular basis.
4. Minutes of all meetings are now posted on the website and the secretary will post them monthly.
5. The BoD researched the idea of a St. Louis Region Roster. As much as many would like to see a membership roster, the BoD discussed this topic and we determined we could not accomplish the task with name, phone, and email and still ensure the privacy of the members. I regret that this is still an idea looking for a solution and someone to bring us the willingness to help solve it.
6. The BoD managed the programs and the business of the St. Louis Region SCCA quite well. We held a face to face budget meeting with the programs and asked pointed questions on the direction and plans of each program. The Program Mangers and Program Treasures did a good job at working with the BoD on this.
New programs entered the region in 2010 and I am happy to be part of some of them. The most exciting is the 1st St. Louis Region Tire Rack Teen Street Survival to be held October 30, 2010. I am assisting the Chairman of this new event so it will be the 1st of many more. This program is, in my opinion, the best community benefit the region can give back to the St. Louis Metro Area.
In addition to these activities, I volunteered to oversee the organization and execution of the monthly socials. It was decided by the board that meetings were no longer a viable benefit to most of the members. Many members stated that all region news is just easier to get on line. I prepared and presented the plan and reviewed monthly progress with the BoD. As a result, we held these social gatherings each month and invited new and existing members to stop by and socialize. There were programs and information available, but that part of it was completely optional. The BoD monitored, discussed and deemed these meeting as successful in accomplishing the goals set out.. New members were gained almost every month.
As we go forward into 2011, the St. Louis Region is facing many challenges. Our programs need a venue for holding their events and the current venue is in severe jeopardy. Our programs must be fiscally responsible and accountable for their respective programs. We need to look carefully at our financial operations system to assure timely payments, reports and ways to look at the past and to guide us financially into the future. Checks and balances must be executed on a regular basis to assure our compliance with IRS, bonding and all other reporting requirements.
I am running again for RE because I have the experience and capabilities to successfully lead the St. Louis Region. The region is more unified than it has ever been. The St. Louis Region is a strong region and has earned a good reputation in the Divisional and with the National SCCA staff and many other regions. We are recognized for our great events and friendly members. We are a region capable of creating and executing new and innovative ideas. We are a region of members that have high standards and refuse to settle for just good events. We demand great ones. We are financially stable. I appreciate the region is a club; however, the business of the region must consist of both the friendships and the business.
If elected, my goals for the 2011 calendar year are:
• I will continue the work and efforts of the current Board of Directors to manage and oversee all the programs of the region: Road Racing, Solo, Club Rally, Road Rally and Rally Cross, Teen Street Survival and Drifting.
• I will continue to lead the board in the management of region business, such as Wheelspin, the website, charity projects, general meetings, banquets and other projects for the benefit of all region members.
• I will leverage my extensive experience and connections with the SCCA on a divisional and national level for the benefit of the St. Louis Region.
• As the region’s negotiator for the track the last several years, I will use and share my knowledge to help our programs identify and secure new venues for their programs.. As a member of the Solo and PDX committees I have already been in contact with Divisional and National SCCA contacts looking into alternatives and ideas for those programs.
My qualifications to serve in the position of RE is that:
• I have previous experience as the Region as RE and as a BoD Member at Large, so I am aware of the requirements and expectations of the RE.
• I have experience in the leadership of Solo, Club Racing, and PDX. I have extensive and recent experience in leadership on Divisional and National SCCA Committees.
• As a current member of the Solo Committee and PDX Committee for the region and as a previous member of the Club Racing Committee in 2006 & 2007, I understand the needs of the programs and their expectations of the BoD and the RE.
• I have 25+ years of practical business experience including as a Construction Manager and a Purchasing Manager. The relevant areas of my business experience that will benefit the St. Louis Region is general management, finance, budgeting, teamwork, project accountability and responsibility, negotiating, and motivating others to work for goals.
• One of my best assets is my ability to take a project, cheer it on and get it done. My employers, coworkers and business associates have always commended me on this. I will continue to use those same abilities when I have take on new projects for the St. Louis Region. One of the most needed assets for the Board is follow up by the leadership to get things executed.
• I take great pride that in my history of completing projects and duties for SCCA. I am driver, as I am a 5 time national champion solo driver, but I am just as proud that I am an SCCA organizer and leader.
St. Louis Region is a club that is also a business that has been well managed by a board of directors that are dedicated and caring of the members, their money and their events. I have been part of this Board and want to continue. Every year we continue to expand the circle of involved people in the leadership of the region. I will continue to promote and support getting more of our members involved in leadership whether it is at the program, region, divisional or national levels. You can reach me at or 636-225-3236 if you have any questions or comments. I would be honored to work for you as your Regional Executive in 2011 and I would appreciate your vote

Candidates for Assistant Regional Executive

Chuck DeProw
I have been a member of SCCA for ten years. I have participated in Solo and have worked Club Racing, Tech, and Grid. For the last three years I’ve been working the 100 acre woods events. I took over the PDX program about five years ago. At that time I implemented the stand-alone PDX program. After the first year, I implemented the instructor program for the PDX. The PDX program has been so successful that it has received several write-ups in Sports Car Magazine. While I was program manager for the PDX Program, every event was sold out. I obtained many sponsors for the program; many of which are still active as sponsors today in the program. My management and team-building skills used with that program have been useful on the board of directors. My sponsorship success brings that asset to the board also. The biggest challenges of the region may be venues, and I have participated in many track-day events all over the country with various clubs. I think that experience will be useful, as we try to think of places and ways to continue programs, in the event we can no longer use the track we now have.
In 2010, a board member could not finish his term, and I was thus asked to join the board as a member at large in his place. You can reach me at I would like to continue as a board member for 2011 and hope you will vote for me.

Dave Jones
I am submitting my name as candidate for Assistant Regional Executive for St. Louis Region SCCA. Having established a “whatever it takes” reputation with the 2010 Tech-O-Rama and Club Racing Drivers School, I intend to bring that same “can do” attitude to the St. Louis Region Board of Directors (BoD). In my opinion, we need leadership that thinks big, we need a BoD made up of motivators and promoters, we need to eliminate divisiveness and embrace a club focus which provides the nucleus for all sports car enthusiasts, all working together for the common good. I’ve proven I can help make those things happen.
I started participating in Solo in 1973 at the various events presented by area car clubs. I started working corners with Dick Elicker at MAR about the same time. These activities eventually led to participation in club racing in 1976. As a St. Louis Region member, I continued to compete in numerous solo events; I participated in various road rallies, including the Daniel Boone National Rally in 1980. I led a group of road racers who worked stages at the 100 Acre Wood in the early years. I served on the Board of Directors in the early 80s, one year as treasurer. I won numerous racing awards back then: Club Racer of the Year (twice), the Jim Grove award, numerous regional and divisional championships, even sat on the front row at the Runoffs in 1983. I raced my Datsun 510 until 1991, and then I took some time off. I rejoined the club in 2003, again participating first in solo, and then club racing, and most recently PDX activities. I have grown increasingly active in the administration of the club as I see areas that can be improved.
I believe now is the right time for me to run for the BoD again, particularly to improve membership/leadership interaction. We have approximately 600 members, each with an equal stake in the success of our club. I have the enthusiasm, commitment, and determination to re-energize the club membership and help THEM create a better club. We are all in this club for one common reason: we share similar interests in cars and events. We must welcome all to join us in everything we do, while minimizing distraction and difficulties for members AND non-members alike. We will accentuate the positive, look for new and better ways to do everything, and be open to every member’s input. We will focus on the good of the many rather than the good of the few; we will focus on WHAT is right instead of WHO is right, and we will seek ways to motivate, communicate, and cultivate contribution in an atmosphere of common interest. Bottom line, we’ll get back to SHARING the fun!
I look forward to a competitive campaign and supporting the next Board of Directors, whoever is selected by the membership to lead us for the next year. Good luck to all!
Dave Jones Member 321900_1 (originally 59150) 314-922-4859 cell

Cesare Venegoni
I have been a member of the St Louis Region for 15 years. In that time I have been involved in just about every facet of the St Louis Club. I have severed on numerous committees, won several awards and helped the Region and my fellow club members make St. Louis one of the best regions in the United States. My proudest achievements have been my 15 years as Co-Chief of Grid/Pits for Club Racing, the six years that I spent on the Regional Board of Directors and the close friendships that I have made with many of you. As a former Board member and Regional Executive I earned the respect and trust of many of you because I have always been approachable, fair and open minded. I always kept the club and its member’s best interest in mind. If elected I promise not to change that. My goal always was and will always be to provide St Louis with not only the best possible racing programs, leadership and open administration of the region but to keep St Louis a fun and enjoyable club for its members.
When I was first elected to the BoD as a member At Large the Regions major challenge was how to bring us together as a club. We had three loosely held together racing programs. Each did their own thing. We needed more accountability for the moneys we handled and we needed to be more responsive to the overall general membership. We needed to ‘come together” as a region and a club. In my six years on the Board I helped accomplished this. I helped take St Louis to the next level. I helped make it the club that we are all enjoying today and want to see it get better. The challenges that we face today are far different. They are impacted by outside forces more than ever before. The economy has impacted the Regions racing programs and we are faced with many new challenges because of it. I would like to step up again and help. That’s why I am asking for your vote for Assistant Regional Executive.

Candidates for Treasurer

Jose Hernandez
My name is Jose Hernandez and I am seeking election to the St. Louis Region SCCA Board of Directors. In accordance with the St. Louis Region Bylaws, I have been nominated to the office of Treasurer to provide for 2 candidates slated for each officer position. However, I am lending my vote and full support to Lon Friesenborg. Lon has the qualifications and experience to best fulfill the responsibilities of the office of Treasurer. The St. Louis Region SCCA will be best served by electing Lon to this position.
I would appreciate the opportunity to serve again as a member at large on the Board of Directors. I have served the past year as an at large member. I am also the PDX Program Chair and I serve on the Street Survival School committee.
I am not a stranger to serving in a volunteer capacity. I have been actively involved with the local Impala club, Gateway Regional Area Impala SS Lovers (GRAIL), as their President from 2001-2004. I have served the Impala community at a National level as Board of Director Member of the Impala SS Club of America (ISSCA).
As I seek the position of member at large for the St. Louis Region SCCA Board of Directors, I bring a wide variety of volunteer experience. I have provided the board with good ideas and organization skills in this past year. I look forward to serving the entire St. Louis Region SCCA membership in the future. I would appreciate your vote

Lon Friesenborg
I have been a member of the SCCA for about one year. I have participated in the SCCA PDX program nearly five years.
During the last 6 years I have been an active member of the Boone Trail Corvette Club in St. Charles. I have served the Corvette Club as President and Vice President.
I recently retired from a 30 year career as a banker from a Fortune 500 company, serving in the areas of commercial lending and community relations. While working in downtown St. Louis, I most recently served 3 years as the Treasurer of the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis. (Chamber of Commerce.)
Upon my retirement as a banker in 2010, I started a consulting company called Friesenborg Advisors, LLC. The company specializes in consulting with nonprofits and small business around financial management and planning.
Recently the St. Louis Region SCCA Board of Directors has asked for my volunteer help to review and make recommendations on procedures surrounding their current financial management.
I am looking forward to working with the Board of Directors on the project and would like to become the elected Treasurer in 2011. I would appreciate your vote of confidence.

Candidates for Secretary

Steve Slotten
I am running for the office of Secretary in accordance with the bylaws which require that two people run for election. I am a current board member-Member at Large and am looking forward want to continue in that position. Having worked with Lynn Wilson on the board I support his re-election as Secretary.
My background with the St. Louis Region has been a Club Racing worker- Pit Marshall for six years MAR and the original St Louis International Raceway. I have been a competitor in the past in Solo at local, divisional and national levels. Currently involved with the RallyCross program and have competed at local, regional and national levels. I am RallyCross Safety Steward.

Lynn Wilson
Hi, I’m Lynn Wilson. This is my second iteration with the SCCA. In the 70′s, I was a member of the Colorado Region and held a National Flagging and Communications license. I was also a member of a now defunct small sports car club in Southern Colorado and participated in autocross. My friends and I also owned a short track stock car tem and race at several tracks in 1980 when I accepted a position with the Defense Department as a geodetic surveyor. The job required extensive travel around the world and I had to end my motor sports activities for the next 23 years.
I transferred to a new position in 2003. I am now an orbit analyst with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. My office monitors the health and integrity of the GPS satellite constellation. Since I no longer spend months on the road, I now have had the time to return to the SCCA. I was elected as the Region’s Secretary in 2009. I started Soloing with the region in late 2003. I have been on the Solo Activities Committee for several years and have been a member of the PDX Committee for three years. I hold several licenses for both activities. I have a Solo Vee. At a PDX, you’ll find me on the flag stand, after inspecting the course. I’ll earned my Chief Steward License for the PDX program in 2010.
I believe the experience I have gained from participating in three of our programs gives me the insight to offer some new ideas to help the Region move forward. I would very much like to continue as your secretary and as part of the management of your board of directors. I would appreciate your vote.

Candidates for Member at Large in alphabetical order

Dana Hullinger (no statement submitted)

Bill Schnardthorst
I am submitting my name as a candidate for member at large for the upcoming BOD election.
I joined the St. Louis Region SCCA in 2003 when I purchased a Nissan Sentra Spec V and wanted someplace I could drive it the way it was designed to be driven. Since then I have had an F Prepared RX7, and currently run an RX8. I recently participated in my first PDX and fully intend to participate in more of them.
My SCCA experiences include Solo Chair, where I instituted the first member survey asking for member input on our program and suggestions for improvements. We also improved our registration process during this time and reorganized several areas of work assignments in order to improve the overall Solo experience for our members.
I serve one partial term on the BOD but had to resign at the time due to Job and Health issues. I have since resolved the problems in both areas and feel that I can once again take on added responsibilities in order to help pay back the club for the fun I have experienced.
I have been Solo Chief of Waivers for 4 years now and have gotten that job down well enough that I normally have all of my job assignments filled well before the day of the event and always have backups lined up should anything unforeseen happen.
In my paying job my duties mainly focus on my ability to solve difficult customer problems and complaints. This is accomplished by thinking out of the box, organizing an action plan, and recruiting the needed technical resources to accomplish the action plan. These technical teams may be from many areas within my company and across many geographical areas anywhere in the world. I believe this experience will allow me to help contribute needed guidance and organization our club will require in the uncertain times ahead. This experience will help me be better able to work across all programs in order to get the best possible overall teams put together to further the clubs needs and future.
Thank You

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