October, 2010 BoD minutes

November 9, 2010

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
October Board of Director’s Meeting
October 11th, 2010
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Diane Prokopf
Jan Rick
Lynn Wilson
Jose Hernandez
Steve Slotten
Chuck Deprow
Susan Anderson
Jeff Leavell
Dana Hullinger

Directors absent:



Lon Friesenborg

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Old Business:

September Minutes: Jan moved to approve the September minutes as written. Chuck seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Jeff states there is not much change from the last report. Solo will spend about $3000 on end of season awards. PDX will put on an event for the Bentley dealer for $2000. Lon will contact the bonding company for information about what is covered by our bond.

Program Reports:

Solo – April Schardthorst reported there were no Solo events in September. The End of the Year event is October 17th. The SAC is looking for additional sites in case Gateway closes. Several possible sites have been identified and prioritized. The BoD discussed the search for sites.

Club Racing – No report this month.

Performance Rally – No report this month.

Rally-X – No events this year.
Road Rally –No report.
PDX– The next event is Wednesday, October 13th. This is the last event of the year. It will start one hour earlier due to the earlier sunset this time of year. The program is on budget.
Drifting- No report.
Jan moved to require program managers to attend each BoD meeting starting in November in order to improve communications. Dana seconded. Passed. Jose abstained due to arriving late.
Other Business:

Membership Report – The National Office has provided new prospect and new membership packages to the Regions for feedback. We are still leading regions our size in membership gains.

Social Events- The October social will be an opportunity to meet the candidates. A formal meeting will follow the November social. The election will take place at that meeting.

Street Survival- Preparations are coming along well. Rich Wise is the Chief Instructor. Our school will be October 30. We may be getting a grant from State Farm for the 2011 Street Survival schools.

Jan moves to donate $750 to the SCCA Foundation to support the Street Survival program. Lynn seconded. Passed. Jose abstained.

Elections- The candidates so far:

Regional Executive: Steven Burkett and Jan Rick

Assistant RE: Chuck Deprow, Dave Jones, and Cesare Venegoni

Treasurer: Lon Friesenborg and Jose Hernandez

Secretary: Steve Slotten and Lynn Wilson

At Large: Dana Hullinger

Bookkeeping- The BoD discussed the drawbacks of a single person firm. We Make a Difference was contacted by Lon. They have two people with 30 years of experience each. Their fee is $200 per month and they are willing to attend two BoD meeting per year. The Region and April’s Tax Service could not agree on a contract.

Dana moved to present a contract to We Make a Difference. Jose seconded. Passed.

Gateway- No new news.

Banquet- Carla Russo will be the MC. The banquet will not be subsidized. Ther will be hors d’ oeuvres in the restaurant and dinner in the banquet room. The banquet will be January 15th, 2011.

New Business:

Jose moved to adjourn. Jeff seconded. Passed

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