BoD Minutes, November 2010

January 14, 2011

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
November Board of Director’s Meeting
November 8th, 2010
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Diane Prokopf
Jan Rick
Lynn Wilson
Jose Hernandez
Chuck Deprow
Susan Anderson
Jeff Leavell

Directors absent:

Steve Slotten
Dana Hullinger


Lon Friesenborg
Bryon Prokopf
April Schnardthorst
Dave Jones
Tom von Hatten
Steven Burkett

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Old Business:

September Minutes: Jose moved to approve the October minutes as written. Jeff seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Jeff presented the financial reports. Steven Burkett asked about the differences between the Club Racing numbers and the Region numbers.

Program Reports:

Solo – April Schardthorst reported there were 87 drivers at the Year-End Challenge on October 17th. About half of them were brand new. So far, there is an $8000 profit, but there are still many expenses to to paid this year, including $3500 for end of the year awards, $800 owed to the equipment chief for purchase and repair expenses, $750 for the video, $500 for a laptop to replace one that is failing and expenses for the Solo Town Hall. The bus and trailer need repairs and no estimate has been made at this time. The Solo Committee has decided to have Roger Johnson, well known course designer, give a course design seminar combined with a Solo Safety Steward seminar. The estimated cost is $500. The new site will require sound limits and obtaining a sound level meter. We will try to borrow the meter Club Racing has, but may need to buy one. Family Arena in St. Charles was announced by Jan Rick as the Solo venue for 2011. Other possible sites will still be investigated.

Club Racing – Bryon Prokopf reported that the Club rAcing equipment has been removed for Gateway and is currently being stored at members’ houses. The Midwest Division has allowed the Region to retain our dates on the 2011 calendar pending the acquisition of a new venue. The Club Racing Committee is searching for a new facility. Mid-South Region has contacted the Committee about conduction joint races in 2011 should a venue be obtained.

Performance Rally – Tom von Hatten presented the budget for the 2011 100 Acre Wood Rally. There will be no increase in entry fees. They are looking for ways to raise revenue including sponsorships and merchandising. Tom is working on new forest use permits with the U. S. Forest Service. The program is trying to get a low level rally in Perryville, possible in conjunction with some other local event.

Rally-X – Kurt Faigle is working on having an event at the end on November at Fhol Cline’s farm. This was a surprise to the BoD. Better communications will be required in the future. Mark and John Huebbe have stated that they will not the the Co-chairs of the program for 2011.
Road Rally –No report.
PDX– The last event was Wednesday, October 13th. It started one hour earlier due to the earlier sunset this time of year. Jose is working on obtaining new venues.
Drifting- No report.

Other Business:

Membership Report – Steve did not attend the meeting but the Region continues to show the most new members for a region our size. This could lead to reduced sanction fees next year.

Social Events- A formal meeting will follow the November social. The election will take place at that meeting.

Street Survival- The Street Survival school was very successful with 29 students. Carlo Russo presented an abbreviated version of the classroom session to the parents so they would know what was happening during the day. The Region expects to do more of these next year, possibly in conjunction with the BMW club, at Family Arena.

Elections- The candidates so far:

Regional Executive: Steven Burkett and Jan Rick

Assistant RE: Chuck Deprow, Dave Jones, and Cesare Venegoni

Treasurer: Lon Friesenborg and Jose Hernandez

Secretary: Steve Slotten and Lynn Wilson

At Large: Dana Hullinger

Because the current Secretary is running for reelection, Susan Anderson has been appointed to receive and count the absentee ballots. So far, she has received 54.

Bookkeeping- Lon will be meeting with We Make a Difference in the next two weeks.

Gateway- Gateway is closed.

New Business:

Dave Whitworth would like to have the Regions Quickbooks files removed from the SPS server. Lon will look into moving them elsewhere.

Jeff moved to adjourn. Chuck seconded. Passed

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