Bod Minutes, December 2010

January 14, 2011

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
December Board of Director’s Meeting
December 13th, 2010
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Steven Burkett- Regional Executive
Dave Jones- Assistant Regional Executive
Lynn Wilson- Secretary
Lon Friesenborg- Treasurer
Chuck Deprow
Steve Slotten
Bill Schnardthorst
Dana Hullinger

Directors absent:

Susan Anderson


Bryon Prokopf
April Schnardthorst
Tom von Hatten
Julia Briggen

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Introduction of Board members and program chairs>

Old Business:

November Minutes:

Motion: Schnardthorst/Friesenborg to approve November minutes as amended. Approved: Unanimous

Treasurer’s Report:

Lon has resolved the bonding issues with the Regions’s bank accounts.

The bookkeeping firm of We Make a Difference accept our contract offer and is now our bookkeeper. Per Dave Whitworth’s request our Quickbooks records have been removed from his server and are now hosted on the server at We Make a Difference. Also, the Region’s address will be changed from Dave Withworth’s place of business to the P. O. Box of We Make a Difference.

Lon will require written requests to cut check. He provided a flow chart of the process and a copy of the Reimbursement Form.

R. E. Report-

The Region’s charter has been renewed with the SCCA National Office.

Program Reports:

Solo – April Schardthorst reported that the Solo Committee is negotiating dates with Family Arena. We would like to have an Evolution School and a Midwest Divisional Solo on Independence Day weekend. The bus and trailer need a lot of work which has been deferred in the past. Our equipment chief is working on estimates. The Solo Town Hall was well attended and very successful. The first cut of the solo video was shown at the Town Hall. The Snell Certification of all of our loaner helmets has expired. The PDX program has agreed to loan us their helmets until they get a new venue. We also need more cones. Club Racing will loan us some, but we will probably still need to buy some. Lot rent at Family Arena will be much higher than at Gateway and we will need to rent port-a-potties. We will also need to rent storage for the bus and trailer. Sound control is an issue at Family Arena. Alex Furla has volunteered to be Chief of Sound and Club Racing will loan us their sound meter. The committee is working on 2010 end of the year trophies and the 2011 budget.

April recommended eliminating the account and credit card machine.

Club Racing – Bryon Prokopf reported that Club RAcing is exploring new venues or co-hosting a race with another region.

Performance Rally – Tom von Hatten reviewed the Region’s involvement in Performance Rally for the new Board members. The 100 Acre Wood Rally supplemental regulations are out for review. 100 Acre Wood T-shirts will be sold to the public at the 2011 rally. Tome will be meeting with the newly elected county commissioners in the three counties in which the 100 AW is held. Also, he will be working with the U. S. Forest Service on a five year extension of the agreement to use Forest Service roads.

Rally-X – Kurt Faigle might be the 2011 Rally-X Chair. The program held a successful event on November 28th. The search for new venues continues.
Road Rally –No report. Dave said he will work with Ron Ferris to improve communications with the Board
PDX– Jose inquired about using Putnam Park. That is out of the question. The program has no plans for 2011 but will continue the search for venues.
Drifting- No report.

Other Business:

Membership Report – Steve reported the Region won the membership contest for regions our size. The contest ended this month. This could lead to reduced sanction fees next year. We currently have 585 members.

Street Survival- There is interest in doing more of them next year. Street Survival Schools are being pitched to Family Arena as a community service.

Banquet- After extensive discussion on the Boards Yahoo message board about whether or not the banquet should be subsidize and if so how much a consensus was reached. While no formal motion was made, the Board agreed that the prices would be $25 for members, $35 for non-members and $12.50 for children under 12 years of age.

Julia is collecting prizes ti be given to the winners of the trivia contest.

Wheelspin- Jan Rick will no longer produce the Wheelspin because she feels it is best done by a Board member.

Awards Committe- Bill is gathering nominations and getting input from program chairs. SPS has some interesting designs for trophies.

Club Racing Venues- Dave spoke about his search for new Club Racing facilities. Airports which receive funds from the Federal Aviation Administration cannot be used.

New Business: Account-

Motion: Schnardthorst/Friesenborg to end the account and return the credit card machine. Approved: Unanimous

Program Budgets- The Region’s programs are to present their 2011 budgets before the January 8th Board meeting.

Program Chair Committee- Dave proposed a committee of the program chairs to exchange ideas. Program chairs are invited to all Board meetings but will continue to send written reports each month. The Yahoo group will be used to exchange information.

Memorials- Steve suggested that we continue to donated $100 per annum to the SCCA Foundation.

Motion: Hullinger/Schnardthorst to donate $100 to the SCCA Foundation for 2011. Approved: Unanimous

National Convention- The board discussed send Steven as our R. E. to represent the Region at the National Convention using the same amount as budgeted for 2010.

Motion: Deprow/Friesenborg to send Steven to the National Convention in February. Approved: Unanimous

Method of Recording Votes in Minutes- Dave wishes tthat our minutes use the same format as the National Board of Directors for recording motions and votes.

Motion: Jones/Hullinger to use the SCCA Board of Directors methodology as of the December 2010 Fastrack in recording Region Board of Directors votes. Approved: Unanimous

Additional Discussions-

While the business mail will go to We Make a Difference, Dave proposes that a different address be used for general correspondence. This address would not be Dave Whitworth’s Merus Court address.

April suggests using an email form in place of posting email addresses of the Board and program officials.

Dana wants to do another Tech day in 2011.

April proposes a reduction in the 6% program fee.

Motion: Friesenborg/Schnardthorst to adjourn. Approved; Unanimous

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