BoD Minutes, January 2011

February 18, 2011

Minutes of the St. Louis Region SCCA
January Board of Director’s Meeting
January 9th, 2011
Spazio’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri

Directors in attendance:

Steven Burkett- Regional Executive

Lynn Wilson- Secretary
Lon Friesenborg- Treasurer
Chuck Deprow
Steve Slotten
Bill Schnardthorst
Dana Hullinger
Susan Anderson

Directors absent:

Dave Jones- Assistant Regional Executive


Bryon Prokopf
April Schnardthorst
Eileen von Hatten
Julia Briggen

These minutes may not be in chronological order.

Program Reports:

Solo – April Schardthorst presented the 2011 Solo program budget. The lot fee at Family Arena is substantially higher than at Gateway. Also, the program will have to rent port-a-potties and storage space for the bus and trailer. Storage fee is estimated to be $100 per month, gut a free alternative for bus/trailer storage will be investigated. The Region should get a reduction in sanction fees due to winning the membership contest. Due to the higher costs, entry fees will be raised by $5 to 35. The costs for the Evo school may be higher. Andy Hohl may not be available to be one of the Evo instructors and we would have to pay airfare and hotel for Evo instructors. The Solo program asks that the program fee be waived for the novice school and be reduced for the other events. Lon will work with April and Carla Russo, Solo program treasurer, to refine the 2011solo budget. Solo still has expenses for the 2010 fiscal year including repairs to the bus and trailer, three new radios, and outstanding expenses owed to the equipment chief.

Club Racing – Bryon Prokopf presented a budget showing no income since we lost our racing venue. The budget does show a small amount of expenses for such things as annual tech sticker, etc,. which our racers still need.

Performance Rally – Tom von Hatten will be not be available until April due to his work. Curt Faigle will probably be the acting chair of the 100 Acre Wood rally in his absence. The BoD requested that the Performance Rally program provide a budget for the 2012 100 AW as soon a possible since the 2012 100 AW will take place during the 2011 fiscal year.

Rally-X – Steve reported that the program would like to hold at least four events in 2011 and would also like to have a Divisional Rally-X if a suitable venue can be found. Curt Faigle previously sent a budget projecting a $200 gain for the year.
Road Rally –Dave has contacted Ron Ferris. Ron has scheduled one National rally and wants to have four divisional rallies. No budget has been presented, but the cost of holding rallies is minimal.
PDX– There is no venue for next year, so no budget was provided. The event proposed by Bob Mondschein at Family Arena for our PDX and Club Racing drivers will be referred to program chair Jose Hernandez for coordination.
Drifting- No report.

Street Survival- Jan Rick approached Family Arena about three or four dates for Street Survival schools. At this time the BMW club will hold two schools with support from the Region and the Region will hold one school with help from the BMW club. The region received positive feedback from a student who feels that avoided a collision with a deer because of what she learned at our October school.

Old Business:

November Minutes:

Motion: /Friesenborg/Schnardthorst Approve December minutes. Approved: Unanimous

Treasurer’s Report:

Lon reported that the Region is in good financial condition. We are $33,000 ahead of the 2010 budget

R. E. Report-

Steven paid six months rent to the storage facility where our records are kept. He is working on improving the Region’s website. Steven has registered for the National convention.

Other Business:

Membership Report – Steve reported the Region currently has 575 members. Membership incentives for 2011 will be announced at the National Convention in February.

Banquet- Julia presented a draft of the banquet program to the program chairs to review for accuracy of sponsors, award winners, etc. 112 people have registered. The projected income is $2190. the estimated bill from Spazio’s is $3715.79. Miscellaneous expenses are about $200. We will have stationary appetizers instead of the roving service at past banquets. The Board members kicked in $10 each to give away a free membership. Account- Terminated

Memorials- The $100 per annum donation to the SCCA Foundation has not been made yet.

Change of Address- All mail will go to our bookkeepers, We Make A Difference, at P. O. Box 31562, St. Louis, MO 63131.

New Business:

2011 Budget- Postponed to the February meeting.

Additional Discussions-

Venue Committee- The Board discussed whether a combined committee of all the programs to search for new venues was needed. No decision at this time.

Strategic Planning- The Board discussed the need for strategic planning and if there should be a committee formed. Carla Russo make a presentation on this subject several years ago. The Board will ask for her input.

MemBership Directory- The Board discussed a membership directory. The preliminary consensus is that if we create a directory it should be opt in only. No member would be in the directory with his or her explicit consent. The directory would reside in a members only area of the Region’s website.

Membership Survey- Bill wants the Board to consider what question we want to ask on membership survey.

Motion: Friesenborg/Deprow to adjourn. Approved; Unanimous

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