Crazy Bowl 11/19/11

November 15, 2011

Supplemental Regulations
Sanction Number 11-B-111911, 11-B-111911-S

With the Infamous, Hunka Hunka Burning Bowler & MC Cesare Venegoni

The region will provide food. You just have to pay to bowl – $12.00 per person Cash bar is available Prizes will be awarded

Everybody is welcome even if they are not an SCCA member. We encourage people to bring their families to make this a fun evening. REGISTER TODAY at

For more info contact Cesare Venegoni at
Brunswick Zone 176 Four Seasons Shopping Center Chesterfield MO 63017 – 314 469 6550

Supplemental Regulations
1. This event is sanctioned by absolutely no one with any authority. St. Louis Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), cannot be held responsible for anything under SCCA 2011 Stupid Competition Rules (SCR) especially as modified by these Supplemental Regulations.
2. All bowlers do not have to be regular SCCA members or hold any current licenses / novice permits or drivers licenses. If the bowler is a member of the National Bowlers Associatons or plays on a league they are subject to harassment by the MC all night
3. All balls must comply with requirements of the SCR, Sections 9.1 through 9.3 that re not readily available to anyone but this sound good and official.
4. The bowling will be conducted under the Mid-Am rules and the StL Solo Series rules and will count towards the Midwest Division’s Mid-Am Championship and the year end Solo Awards and possible the Academy Awards too.
6. Organizers and officials of this event reserve the right to accept or reject any entry to this event or to harass and tease any entrant at any time.
7. The Chief Steward may be located via a beer cup through any other bowling official.
8. No bowling in the restrooms or parking lot, prior to the start, during dinner, or after the close of activities without permission of the Chief Steward except by Bowling Officials.
9. Sound Control will be monitored for your information and readings will be available at Hospitality. The Sound Control Station will be located on lane 10 and bowlers left just past lane 6 as you start on the men’s restroom.
10. Trophies may be picked up somewhere, whenever we decide where or at Hospitality after the bowling results are official. No trophies will be mailed. We don’t have any idea where Hospitality is located so don’t ask.
11. Access to the paddock is allowed outside of the hours of Registration by registering with the guard and showing your library card.
12. All participants must be off the premises by 2:00 a.m. the last day of the event.
13. During dinner break there MAY be an exhibition parade lap led by officials. If so, it will be announced over the Public Address System and you will be given the chance to hide and pretend you don’t know these people.
14. Transponders are required in bowling, but if you feel insecure without one you may tape it to your thigh. If your transponder fails, Timing & Scoring doesn’t give a rats anything.
15. All motorized vehicles must only be operated by a licensed driver. Any Mini Cooper found inside the bowling alley will be escorted out by 5 big guys.

Facility Rules
1. Fire lanes must be kept clear. Violators will be towed. Of course, are you stupid? Do you want to get trapped in a burning bowling alley. Think about it.
2. The following fuel is not available at the track: 94 and 100 octane unleaded, 110 leaded. Fuel pump is not accessible anytime. Fuel pumps are located east of the building at 141 and Olive.
3. Air and water are also not available.
4. Dump waste fluids in the designated containers, which are located all over the place. Don’t be a pig, throw your trash in them.
5. The bowlers shall remove all tires from the premises. Bowlers may be billed a $20 charge for each tire left on the premises and beat severely.
6. Limited electrical hook-ups for camping available between the restrooms; contact bowling alley to reserve. There are no water hook-ups.
7. No credentials must be carried at all times, and vehicle passes (if issued) do not have to be affixed to the anything. We hate these things.
8. Parental or guardian supervision of all stupid people is required.
9. All pets must be leashed or inside a vehicle. Please pick up after your pet. If anyone see’s any pet droppings notify the Chief Steward immediately so they can go over and yell YUK!.
11. No ATVs, Pit Bikes, or Dirt Bikes allowed on the lanes, except by Race Officials.
12. Do not stand or sit on the lane tables or climb on the scoreboards.
13. Shirts and shoes that cover the entire foot are required in the hot lane area.
14. Smoking is prohibited in the hot or cold lane area and this stinks so take your nasty habit to the parking lot please.
15. Speed limit in the paddock is 10 M.P.H. Please observe and comply for everyone’s safety.
16. Report all fuel or oil spills to Bowling Management immediately.
17. No stakes in carpet. Trailer jacks or anything that might sink into the carpet MUST have a board underneath them. Why would you drill a hole in the floor that is terribly rude.
18. The Paddock Bowling Marshalls are there to help ensure safe and efficient paddock operations and will assist with finding appropriate parking for all bowlers. Please treat them with respect and follow their instructions. The standard paddock space per registered race vehicle is up to 3 feet wide, but there is limited paved bowling space to park you stinky shoes.
19. Please take care of the facility. Pick up trash and clean up after yourself, the paddock area, restrooms, showers, etc. after use. And please help us by reporting any issues to the Chief Steward. The Chief Stewards loves to clean up after others, ask him how much he loves it.
20. Please observe & cooperate where all NO PARKING signs are posted.

Driver & Crew
1. All bowlers must be regular people. Proof of this must be presented at Registration.
Confirmation from the Bowling Licensing Department will be required for those whose don’t look so regular.
2. Each bowler may have up to one crewmember. No crew passes will be handed out unless the person’s name appears on the entrant’s crew list. All bowlers, crew, and additional personnel MUST sign in at Registration personally. Crewmembers who arrive after Registration closes must make prior arrangements with bowlers to obtain passes. All participants arriving when Registration is closed MUST go to Registration when re-opened to sign in! If any of this makes sense to you please explain it to others because it sounds very complicated and dumb to us.
3. Yearly call inspections should be completed prior to arrival at the alleys if possible. ANNUAL TECHS WILL BE DONE AT EVENT ONLY IF PREARRANGED WITH THE CHIEF SCRUTINEER OF TECH. PLEASE CONTACT THE CHIEF SCRUTINEER TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. Yearly ball tech inspections run on a 365-day basis and require presentation of the car, a logbook showing the previous year’s inspection page, and
(if required) original homologation certificates. Only ball logbooks showing a complete yearly technical inspection (date less than 365 days from the date of event) will be accepted. LOGBOOK NOTATIONS MADE SINCE THE ANNUAL INSPECTION BUT NOT APPROVED REQUIRE THAT THE BALL BE BROUGHT TO TECH FOR INSPECTION. Single event tech inspections may be granted; however, we encourage bowlers to get their yearly ball inspections done before arriving at the alley (particularly new ball inspections and initial issuance of logbooks).
4. Gear inspections run on a calendar basis. A current year helmet sticker shows only that gear has been inspected. If a helmet does not have a current year sticker, the helmet and all other driver gear and clothing must be presented at tech for inspection. If you are a good looking guy or gal these maybe longer inspections than most.
For any incident where a ball hits a solid object, rolls or flips, or in the opinion of the safety personnel the bowler could have sustained injuries, the ball must go to impound upon existing the alley (whether under power or by wrecker/flat tow) and the bowler must report to Medical within 30 minutes of the end of the session. That bowler will not be permitted to compete until examined by medical personnel and approved for competition.
6. Impounded balls must be accompanied to Impound by the bowler. Impounded balls may also be accompanied by the entrant and one crew member only. One of either the bowler must stay with the ball at all times. Impound is held at the Tech area behind the soda fountain. The top
three finishers in each class must report IMMEDIATELY AND DIRECTLY to impound following the game.
7. Depending on weather conditions, scales will be available at the track for bowlers use. See Schedule for scales hours. Scales are not available during dinner lunch and will not be available for general use during post-qualifying or post-game impound. And why do you want to know how much you weigh at this time. These seems kind of silly, but if you want to know this proceed to the scale and enjoy.
8. All bowlers should be prepared to report to Impound at the conclusion of any track session.
9. Tech may test hand creams. Voluntary hand cream testing is available through tech. A $5.00 charge per sample is required to defray reagent cost to the regions.
Depending on weather conditions, track hand cream will be tested as early as possible on Saturday with results posted.
11. Compliance and/or safety inspections MAY be performed on the pre-grid.
12. Crew members must leave the grid at the “one minute” warning.
13. Proper credentials are required for entry into the restrooms and any other hazardous areas. Members ages 15-18 allowed in hazardous areas only if they possess a current minor license issued by the SCCA National Office. Minimum age allowed in hazardous areas is 15 years, per SCR 4.5.3.
14. A crew member will be allowed to remain in the pit signal area. All crew must be behind the pit wall at the start of the game.
16. No refueling in the pits, unless it is beer.
17. Pit exit. Upon leaving the pit lane the bowler must stay left of the white line and merge onto the front main straight.
18. At turn #1, the flagging station has a large light on bowlers left that MAY be used and would act the same as a yellow flag signal.
19. The lights at Start/Finish, Pit-out and Pit-in are not used.
20. Bowling Station 9 is the black flag station.
21. Pit entrance – stay on the left side of the white line when entering the pits from the track. The entrance is tight and narrows to 15 feet wide. The PIT LANE SPEED LIMIT IS 5 M.P.H. Failure to comply will be reported to the Chief Steward. If the pit lane is closed, a signal board will be displayed.
22. There will be no attempt at bump starting a ball, unless the Chief Steward has told you to do so.
23. Bowlers must have, at a minimum, a helmet, gloves and lap belt in place anytime they have their ball being towed from the alley.
24. Bowlers and/or entrants shall at all times during the event be responsible for the conduct of any and all individuals who have signed in through registration under the driver and/or entrant’s name. This includes minors, guests, and pets. All individuals shall conduct themselves to the highest standard of behavior and sportsmanship. Oh not this one refers to that confusing registration stuff again

1. There may be a split start for any of the groups at the discretion of the Chief Steward.
2. Operation of two-way microphones and radios on the following frequencies, except by Race and Track Officials, is prohibited: 159.73500, iPhone 101
3. All Novice Permit holders must prominently display a clearly visible “X” the same size as their number on the side of their butt..
5. For PA announcements, please open your ears – you can hear our MC almost without a microphone so it won’t be hard to hear him. Pay attention to win stuff and hear your friends be harassed and teased.

Sat. Nov. 19, 2011
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Bowling and food and fun

Chief Steward ………………Cesare Venegoni
Chairman SOM….…………. Steven Burkett
Chief Registrar.……………….Janice Rick
Chief Scrutineer / Tech……..Chuck DeProw
Chief Starter..……………….Julia Briggen
Chief Timing & Scoring……..Samantha Whitworth
OnLine Registration at
Chief Paddock Marshall……Lynn Wilson
Chief of Pits…….…..……….Matt Osmoe
Chief of Grid …….….………Dave Schnardthorst
Chief Sound Control…..……Susan Anderson
Chief of Hospitality …….….Eileen von Hatten
Chief of Control….………Mike Byington
Chief of Emergency Services.…Dave Jones
Chief of F&C…..….…Jose Hernandez

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