17 Soloist from Area attend AR Tour

October 3, 2011

17 people from the St. Louis Area attended the SCCA Solo National Tour in Blytheville, AR this last weekend, October 1st and 2nd. St. Louis Region had 16 members. Everyone had a great time and the ladies really showed their skills this weekend. Susan Anderson has set a goal of winning a 12th national championship at the 40th Solo Nationals in 2012. She is a 100% attendee of the National events and has really turned on the gas in Craig Straub’s Lotus. Carla Russo dominated the SSL class and ran away with the 1st place by 5.42 seconds. Susan Anderson was only about .8 off Carla’s top time on Sunday.

It was great to see Sean Greer, JJ Mallrich, Adam, George and the Osborn boys there. And of course, Andy Hohl, our Solo National Star was there (2nd place BSP). He was running ASP at this event and pylons just kept jumping in front of him and the Yellow ASP Corvette.

The event was flawless and the challenge a lot of fun. Weather let us know it was really fall but stayed sunny and bright all weekend. And what is a trip to Blytheville without a stop at Lamberts in Sikeston, home of the throwed rolls.

Andy Hohl and Carla Russo both competed in the bracket challenges. Andy made it up several rungs before being knocked out by Greg Piper FM who ultimately won it.

Anderson, Susan DML 1st
Whitworth, Elizabeth EML 1st
Russo, Carla SSL 1st
Le, Erik ST 1st
Hohl, Andy ASP 2nd
Straub, Craig DML 2nd
Behring, George FM 2nd
Deffenbaugh, Adam HS 2nd
Wilson, Lynn FM 3rd
Englebright, Seth STS 3rd
Whitworth, Dave EML 4th
Rick, Janice SSL 4th
Montgomery, Dave STS 4th
Mallrich, James ESP 6th
Greer, Sean STX 6th
Osborn, Jeffrey ESP 8th
Osborn, Alex ESP 9th

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