Autocross Series Points Explained

St. Louis Region Solo Points System Help (also see the official language in the Supplemental Regulations)

The Regional Solo Championship Series recognizes the best solo drivers within the St. Louis Region, SCCA. Both member and nonmember drivers may compete in individual events. However, only St. Louis  members are eligible for year-end championship awards.

Event Points – Points are awarded to all drivers in St. Louis Region Solo events based on the percentage of the class winner’s time and the individual driver’s time. To determine the individual driver’s points, the winner’s time is divided by the individual driver’s time and multiplied by 10,000. All drivers, St. Louis Region member or not, are scored.

Example: Randy Racer wins his class with a time of 49.345 seconds; Mary Middle finishes second, with a time of 50.567 seconds; Hal Hapless finishes last with a time of 55.890 seconds.

Their points come out like this:

--Randy Racer automatically gets 10,000 points for winning

--Mary Middle receives 9758 points, (49.345/50.567) x 10,000

--Hal Hapless receives 8829 points, (49.345/55.890) x 10,000

If a driver DNFs (Does Not Finish) all runs for a particular event, the class points awarded will be based on the slowest time in that class, plus four seconds. Should the only driver in a class DNF all runs, that driver will earn no class points for that event.

Eligibility – To qualify for a car class year-end award, a driver must:

1) Be on the StL Region Roster as a Yearly Member of St. Louis Region, SCCA by the December 1 of the year of the series championship.

2) Compete in a single class 1/2 plus 1 of all series events held in that year, rounded up to the nearest whole number.

Championship Awards – The number of trophies presented will be equal to the
number of qualified drivers minus one, with a maximum of three trophies.

Ties will remain ties for awards. Only St. Louis Region yearly members are eligible for year-end awards, all will be scored, but awards will only be bought and presented to St. Louis Region members.  The SAC feels this is a benefit of being a yearly member of the region and SCCA.

Overall Driver Championships – The Overall Driver Championship (ranking, top 20, etc.) is determined by totaling index system points for all St. Louis Region drivers who have competed in a minimum of 1/2 plus 1 of the series’ events total, rounded up to the nearest whole number (i.e., 10 event series, 6 events scored). A driver is scored regardless of what class they compete in. The highest number of index points earns Number 1, next highest earns Number 2, etc.

Index points are determined by multiplying all times at a given event by their class’s PAX/RTP Index factor for the current year. The Fastest Indexed Time of the event is awarded 10,000 points. All other drivers have their best index time divided into the Fastest Indexed Time to yield a quotient which then multiplied by 10,000 will yield their index points for each event.

If, at an event, a driver DNFs all their runs, their event time will be determined by adding four seconds to the slowest indexed time of the event and the driver’s points will be computed using that time.

Ties will be broken by: 1) head-to-head competition during the season (if in the same class), whichever driver has beaten the other more often; 2) head-to-head competition during the season (if not in the same class), the driver that has placed higher on the index in more events will place higher.


Autocross (AKA Solo) is a test of driving skill and the car’s agility in which one car at a time is driven over a clearly defined course, the elapsed time and penalties for course deviations being the determining factor for awards.